Goût des Autres, Le (2000)

The Sexy Comedy About Good Taste... And Bad Manners!

Original Title : Goût des autres, Le
Director : Agnès Jaoui
Writer : Jean-Pierre Bacri
Agnès Jaoui
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Christian Bérard , Charles Gassot , Jacques Hinstin
Music : Jean-Charles Jarrel
Photography : Laurent Dailland
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language and drug content.
IMDB ID : 0216787
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poster for "Goût des Autres, Le" by Agnès Jaoui (2000)
Goût des Autres, Le (2000) - Agnès Jaoui


Anne Alvaro Clara
Jean-Pierre Bacri Castella
Alain Chabat Bruno Deschamps
Agnès Jaoui Manie
Gérard Lanvin Franck Moreno
Christiane Millet Angélique
Wladimir Yordanoff Antoine
Anne Le Ny Valérie, l'habilleuse
Brigitte Catillon Béatrice
Xavier De Guillebon Weber
Raphaël Dufour Benoît
Bob Zaremba Fred
Sam Karmann Le metteur en scène
Marie Agnès Brigot La secrétaire de Castella
Robert Bacri Le père de Castella
Désir Carre Le passant
Céline Arnaud Virginie
Réginald Huguenin Titus
Jean-Marc Talbot Antiochus
Jean-Franois Levistre Arsace
Didier Mahieu Le mari de Hedda
Stanislas De la Tousche Le juge
Camille Andraca) 
Bérangère Bailleul Un spectateur au théâtre (uncredited


Three men, three women, opposites, possibilities, and tastes. Castella owns a trucking company in Rouen, Bruno is his flute-playing driver, Franck is his temporary bodyguard while he negotiates a contract with Iranians, his wife Béatrice does frou-frou interior decorating and loves her dog. The conventional Castella hires a forty-year-old actress, Clara, to tutor him in English, and he finds her and her Bohemian lifestyle fascinating. Is this love? What would she say if he declared himself? Through Bruno, Franck meets Manie, a barmaid who deals hash. They begin an affair. Are they in love? They joke about marriage. As the women hold back, the men must make decisions.


Magnificent and mature piece of work Magnificent piece of actors' work, the movie unites a set of characters elaborately put together, like a human puzzle, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. The quality of this script allows us to rethink everything about the characters we take for granted, and there is always a surprise around the corner, which, for the viewer, is one rewarding experience, since the story is so simple, and yet so complex. At the end, we won't believe our eyes - talk about character arcs! Rest assured, this is a movie always worth seeing and one of the best actors' movies I have seen for years.