Jeux interdits (1952)

Original Title : Jeux interdits
Director : René Clément
Writer : Jean Aurenche
Pierre Bost
François Boyer
René Clément
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Robert Dorfmann
Music : Narciso Yepes
Photography : Robert Juillard
IMDB ID : 0043686
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poster for "Jeux interdits" by René Clément (1952)
Jeux interdits (1952) - René Clément


Georges Poujouly Michel Dolle
Brigitte Fossey Paulette
Amédée Francis Gouard
Laurence Badie Berthe Dolle
Madeleine Barbulée Madame Dolle
Lucien Hubert Dolle, the Father
Jacques Marin Georges Dolle
Pierre Merovée Raymond Dolle
Violette Monnier Jeanne Gouard (as Denise Perronne
Fernande Roy Priest
André Wasley Gouard, the Father
André Enard (uncredited
Louis Herbert (uncredited
Bernard Musson (uncredited
Annie Ravel (uncredited
Georges Sauval (uncredited
Louis Slover (uncredited
Janine Zorelli (uncredited


A girl of perhaps five or six is orphaned in an air raid while fleeing a French city with her parents early in World War II. She is befriended by a pre-adolescent peasant boy after she wandered away from the other refugees, and is taken in for a few weeks by his family. The children become fast friends, and the film follows their attempt to assimilate the deaths they both face, and the religious rituals surrounding those deaths, through the construction of a cemetery for all sorts of animals. Child-like and adult activity are frequently at cross-purposes, however.


Heyyyy!He killed that little dog! (Spoilers ahoy.) I hate to spoil anything about this poignant movie, but did the director Clement sacrifice Jock, the little dog, to make this? Before her parents are killed, you see Jock healthy in the arms of Paulette.When her parents are killed by the plane, supposedly Jock is hit too, even though he is underneath Paulette, who is unhurt.You see the legs of little pooch twitching in the unmistakeable way of a creature near death.Then, of course, Jock is stiff.Except for the middle scene, I could think stiff Jock (who has several more scenes) is just a manufactured stand in.But you just can't teach an animal to twitch like that. If someone who knows more about the making of this film can tell me Clement didn't have the dog playing Jock poisoned and handed back to Brigette Fossey, I'd feel better about this film.