Paris, Texas (1984)

It brings magic back to the cinema...

Original Title : Paris, Texas
Director : Wim Wenders
Writer : L.M. Kit Carson
Sam Shepard
Genre : Drama
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Anatole Dauman , Pascale Dauman , Don Guest , Chris Sievernich
Music : Ry Cooder
Photography : Robby Müller
Distributor : Argos Films
IMDB ID : 0087884
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Paris, Texas (1984) - Wim Wenders


ÂHarry Dean Stanton Travis
ÂNastassja Kinski Jane
ÂNastassja Kinski Jane


A man wanders out of the desert not knowing who he is. His brother finds him, and helps to pull his memory back of the life he led before he walked out on his wife and son four years before. As his memory returns, he makes contact with various people from his past.


A nomadic tale of wanting The film begins with a man wandering around a desolate Texas landscape. He looks in a daze. We soon discover that he has been missing for four years. His name is Travis. He manages to find a doctor's house, and get in touch with his brother in California. His brother then travels down to Texas. Travis doesn't speak a word in the first thirty minutes of the film, but Harry Dean Stanton's face tells the story. Travis wanders off down a rail track, while his brother is in town getting him some clothes. They meet up again, but still no words. The trip back to California takes a while because Travis is afraid of flying. Eventually, they arrive, and Travis meets his son for the first time in four years. His son, Hunter, is cautious of his father at first, getting a ride home from school in his friend's car, rather than walking with Travis. They watch a movie together of them on vacation, that was taken four years previously, and Travis finds it hard to watch. After a while Hunter trusts his dad again, and they set off in an old car to find his mother in Houston, Texas. They track her down to a seedy club, where she talks to clients through a mirrored window. Travis find this very hard to do, and talks with his back to her, while he tells her the story of a couple. This is the best scene in the film, two emotional people on each side of a screen opening up to each other. The film is memorable for me for Harry Dean Stanton as Travis, probably his best performance in his career, and also the little boy Hunter Carson deserves special mention too as Hunter. The cinematography is wonderful too. There are many shots that stand out, such as a Statue of Liberty painted on a wall, and other numerous images of Americana. A memorable film.
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Paris, Texas (1984) - Wim Wenders
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Paris, Texas (1984) - Wim Wenders
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Paris, Texas (1984) - Wim Wenders