Charbons Ardents (The Story Of Tower Colliery) (2000)

Original Title : Charbons ardents
Director : Jean-Michel Carré
Writer : Jean-Michel Carré
Genre : Documentary
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Nezha Cohen
Photography : Jean-Luc Cohen
IMDB ID : 0229295
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poster for "Charbons Ardents (The Story Of Tower Colliery)" by Jean-Michel Carré (2000)
Charbons Ardents (The Story Of Tower Colliery) (2000) - Jean-Michel Carré


the flowers are gone but the coal (and the miners) are still here At a time when everybody thought the Thatcher-Major tandem had won the economic war, a bunch of miners decided to use their redundancy benefits to buy the mine that had fired them! A few years later a French crew crosses the Channel to check out how they are doing. The film-maker ostensibly refuses to take sides: there is no voice over, no sense of direction. And that's what is great with the film! Of course it is biased, and of course those devils of miners are presented as good guys. But so what! They ARE good guys and, for at least a few years, they have won and proved that they could be profitable (and keep the profit for themselves rather than turn it to a bunch of white collar workers who never sweat it out at the bottom of the pit!