Bandit Queen (1994)

One woman dared to fight back

Original Title : Bandit Queen
Director : Shekhar Kapur
Writer : Ranjit Kapoor
Mala Sen
Genre : Drama
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Producer : Bobby Bedi , Varsha Bedi
Music : Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Roger White
Photography : Ashok Mehta
IMDB ID : 0109206
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Bandit Queen (1994) - Shekhar Kapur


┬Seema Biswas Phoolan Devi
┬Aditya Srivastava Puttilal
┬Agesh Markam Mad Woman
┬Ajai Rohilla Behmai Man
┬Anirudh Agarwal Babu Gujjar
┬Anil Sahu Vikram Gang Member
┬Anupam Shyam Ganshyam
┬Aseem Bajaj Poolan/Man Singh Gang
┬Ashok Bulani D.S.P
┬Ashok Sharma Ashokchand Servant
┬Avinash Nemade Doctor
┬Basant Rawat Poolan/Man Singh Gang
┬Chotelal Siraswal Vikram Gang Member
┬Deepak Chibber S.P. Bhind
┬Deepak Soni Miandad
┬Dhawal Gwaliori Poolan/Man Singh Gang
┬Dilip Raghuvanshi Commander Yadav
┬Gajraj Rao Ashokchand
┬G.B. Dixit Ala Singer
┬Girish Solanki Tarika's Partner
┬Govind Namdeo SriRam
┬Guddi Munni
┬Gyan Shivpuri Phool Singh
┬Harish Tarika
┬Hemant Mishra Policeman
┬Hemant Pandey Ashokchand's Friend
┬Jeetendra Shastri Bharat
┬Kamia Bhatt Rukhmani, age 11
┬K.D. Segan A.D.C
┬Khunni Lal Maina Pundit
┬Lakshmi Narayan Poolan/Man Singh Gang
┬Mahesh Chandra Chief Minister
┬Malabai Sonwani Mother-in-law
┬Mandakini Goswami Kailash's Wife
┬Manoj Bajpai Man Singh
┬Nazim Hussain Vikram Gang Member
┬Nazim Patel Vikram Gang Member
┬Nirmal Pandey Vikram Mallah
┬Pallavi Bharti Little Girl
┬Paritosh Sand Devendra Singh
┬Pawan Gupta Vikram Gang Member
┬Pradeep Gupta Vikram Gang Member
┬Puran Bhatt Poolan/Man Singh Gang
┬Raghuvir Yadav Madho
┬Rajesh Vivek Mustaquim
┬Raj Kumar Kamie Thakur Gang
┬Rakesh Raekwar Poolan/Man Singh Gang
┬Ram Charan Nirmalker Devideen
┬Ranjit Chowdhry Shiv Narain (as Ranjit Chaudhry
┬Ravi Sangde Messenger
┬Sanjeev Kumar Poolan/Man Singh Gang
┬Saurabh Shukla Kailash
┬Savitri Raekwar Moola
┬Sitaram Panchal Lalaram
┬Sunil Gaekwad Rattan Chand
┬Sunita Bhatt Little Phoolan
┬Surendra Kora Behmai Man
┬Uma Yaish Rukhmani
┬Vibanshu Vaibhav Vikram Gang Member
┬Vijay Shukla Ashokchand's Friend
┬Vinod Tiwari Vikram Gang Member
┬Yogesh Gupta Poolan/Man Singh Gang


The movie tells the story of the bandit queen Phoolan Devi who was sent to prison in 1983 and got free in 1994. During five years she was prosecuted by the Indian police and turned into a legend (like a modern Robin Hood) by the Indian press. Although the press tended to make her the optimal hero with blue eyes, dark hair, being tall and beautiful she was in reality an average Indian which makes it hard for the movie to fulfill the expectations of the audience and tell the truth at the same time. Nowadays Phoolan Devi wants to enter the field of politics.


Great subject, average as a movie I am surprised to find the IMDB details mentioning a certain Mike Higgins as the main director of the film, with Shekhar Kapur as the second director. The video I just watched (made in UK) does not mention any "Mike Higgins" as a director in the credits. I trust this is a mistake and not reflecting something deeper... The film's subject is poignant and very real. It happened. One can debate some artistic liberties taken by director and scriptwriter. The subject is what makes the film tick--nothing else. I saw the film for the first time after the real Phoolan, was gunned down in New Delhi and had served several years as an elected Member of Parliament in India. By the way, she was not the first untouchable elected to Parliament, as some reviewers stated. The so-called "untouchables" have been elected to the Indian Parliament for decades in reserved constituencies. While Shekhar Kapur as a director is a hero to many India, because he made commercially accepted international films---"Bandit Queen" and "Elizabeth" (and a tolerable kiddie movie called "Mister India", which was accepted by the average Indian audiences)---and even got Oscar nominations for Elizabeth, I do not place him as a top notch film director from India. He fails in every department as a director except perhaps that he succeeds in getting some above-average performances from his actors. Subtlety, finesse, charm are not easy to find in his films--melodrama brims in them. His idea of using Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's vocal rendering of the song in the early parts of the film, was perhaps his single major achievement on the undistinguished sound track of "Bandit Queen". And then perhaps the creaking doors during the gang rape sequence. Otherwise the film looked like a spaghetti western with sex and violence minus the great music one associates with them. If you are looking for a good living Indian film director who makes realistic cinema of international quality--it is not Shekhar Kapur's movies you should see, it is the later works of three Indian film-makers Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Mrinal Sen, and Girish Karnad and of course Muzaffar Ali's "Umrao Jaan". It is unfortunate that none of those directors had the financial support that Kapur had to give them and their films an international viewership. For instance, Sen's "Oka oorie katha" made in Telugu, or Satyajit Ray's "Sadgati" based on Munshi Prem Chand's "Kafan" are more complete as films to an intelligent viewer dealing on the state of the untouchables in India. Sen did not have to resort to graphic sex and violence but merely suggested them. Of course, Sen's nugget did not make headlines, while Kapur's effort hogged them. To Kapur's credit, he is articulate and used his limited talent and modest resources in the Mumbai film industry to take his products beyond home audiences. For that effort, I salute Kapur. But "Bandit Queen" will remain a great subject awaiting an accomplished director to deal with it.
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Bandit Queen (1994) - Shekhar Kapur
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Bandit Queen (1994) - Shekhar Kapur
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Bandit Queen (1994) - Shekhar Kapur
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Bandit Queen (1994) - Shekhar Kapur
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Bandit Queen (1994) - Shekhar Kapur
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Bandit Queen (1994) - Shekhar Kapur