Coeur En Hiver, Un (1992)

Original Title : Un coeur en hiver
Director : Claude Sautet
Writer : Jacques Fieschi
Claude Sautet
Jérôme Tonnerre
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Philippe Carcassonne , Gérard Gaultier , Jean-Louis Livi
Music : Maurice Ravel
Photography : Yves Angelo
IMDB ID : 0105682
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poster for "Coeur En Hiver, Un" by Claude Sautet (1992)
Coeur En Hiver, Un (1992) - Claude Sautet


Daniel Auteuil Stephane
Emmanuelle Béart Camille
André Dussollier Maxime
Élisabeth Bourgine Helene
Brigitte Catillon Regine
Myriam Boyer Mme. Amet
Jean-Claude Bouillaud Brice
Dominique De Williencourt Ostende
Maurice Garrel Lachaume


Stephane and Maxime run a well-respected violin making and repair business. When man-about-town Maxime falls in love with violin virtuoso Camille, Stephane - whose only attachment is a platonic one with a bookshop owner - takes his own interest in this new girl in Maxime's life and in her music-making. Camille gradually becomes attracted to him, but finds his cold lack of response by turns puzzling and irritating. Bit by bit the odd ménage-à-trois becomes set on a collision course.


A cold but beautiful film The chill in "Un Coeur En Hiver" is absolute, and it's necessary. The title means "The Heart In Winter," and the phrase would apply to Daniel Auteuil's emotionally distant violin restorer, who's very remoteness captures the heart of a passionate violinist, played brilliantly by Emmanuelle Beart in a performance unfortunately overlooked by the Academy. A film about how we try to fill our lives with beauty, and how hard beauty is to hold onto. Not an easy film to love(Auteuil's given an almost impossible character to play, but he manages), but an easy one to admire.