To Live and Die In L.A. (1985)

The director of "The French Connection" is on the streets again!

Original Title : To Live and Die in L.A.
Director : William Friedkin
Writer : Gerald Petievich
William Friedkin
Gerald Petievich
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Irving H. Levin , Samuel Schulman , Bud S. Smith
Music : Darren Costin
Nick Feldman
Jack Hues
Photography : Robby Müller
Robert D. Yeoman
IMDB ID : 0090180
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To Live and Die In L.A. (1985) - William Friedkin


William L. Petersen Richard Chance
Willem Dafoe Eric 'Rick' Masters
John Pankow John Vukovich
Debra Feuer Bianca Torres
John Turturro Carl Cody
Darlanne Fluegel Ruth Lanier
Dean Stockwell Bob Grimes
Steve James Jeff Rice
Robert Downey Sr. Thomas Bateman
Michael Greene Jim Hart
Christopher Allport Max Waxman
Jack Hoar Jack
Valentin de Vargas Judge Filo Cedillo (as Val DeVargas
Dwier Brown Doctor
Michael Chong Thomas Ling
Jackie Giroux Claudia Leith
Michael Zand Terrorist
Bobby Bass FBI Agent
Dar Robinson FBI Agent
Anne Betancourt Nurse
Katherine M. Louie Ticket Agent
Edward Harrell Airport Guard
Gilbert Espinoza Bartender
John Petievich Agent
Zarko Petievich Agent
Rick Dalton Agent
Richard L. Lane Agent
Jack Cota Agent
Shirley J. White Airline Passenger
Gerald H. Brownlee Visiting Room Guard
David M. DuFriend Tower Guard
Rubén García Inmate Ruben
Joe Duran Prison Guard
Buford McClerkins Prison Inmate
Gregg Dandridge Prison Inmate
Donny Williams Rick's Friend
Earnest Hart Jr. Rick's Friend
Thomas F. Duffy Second Agent
Gerald Petievich Special Agent (as Gerry Petievich
Mark Gash Mark Gash
Pat McGroarty Criminal
Brian Bradley Tourist
Jane Leeves Serena (as Jane Leaves
Alan Baltes Driver (uncredited
Gary Cole (uncredited


Two cops in Los Angeles try to track down the vicious criminal Eric Masters. Then, one of them is killed by Masters and the other one swears revenge no matter what the cost. After that, the hunt becomes an ob- session and the law he once swore to uphold becomes meaningless to him.


MIAMI VICE Meets Fatboy Slim TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA is a fair enough thriller but there is a bit of a problem watching it in 2004 and is that it`s very dated . Check out the fashions of having cops wearing their padded shoulder jackets with their sleeves rolled up . Very 1980s . Also check out the directing style of orange sunlight casting its glow on interiors as an intrusive pop track plays . It`s impossible to watch this movie without being reminded of MAIMI VICE Something else I noticed was a scene straight after a car chase ( You won`t need reminding of what I`m talking about . If you`ve seen this movie you`ll know what car chase I`m talking about ) when the two cops are sitting on a car in a rundown part of town . If you look closely you can see a trio of funky black geezers walking past holding radios to their ears . They`re almost dancing through the scene which instantly reminded me of the video of the Fatboy Slim video ROCKERFALLAH SKANK
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To Live and Die In L.A. (1985) - William Friedkin
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To Live and Die In L.A. (1985) - William Friedkin