Eva (1948)

Original Title : Eva
Director : Gustaf Molander
Writer : Ingmar Bergman
Gustaf Molander
Genre : Drama
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Harald Molander
Music : Erik Nordgren
Photography : Åke Dahlqvist
IMDB ID : 0040330
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Eva (1948) - Gustaf Molander


Birger Malmsten Bo
Eva Stiberg Eva
Eva Dahlbeck Susanne
Åke Claesson Fredriksson
Wanda Rothgardt Mrs. Fredriksson (as Vanda Rothgardt
Hilda Borgström Maria
Stig Olin Göran
Inga Landgré Frida
Olof Sandborg Berglund
Carl Ström Johansson
Sture Ericson Josef Friedel (as Sture Eriksson
Lasse Sarri Bo (age 12
Anne Carlsson Marthe
Josua Bengtsson .... Mr. Kvarnström scenes deleted
Britt Ångström Girl on the meadow (uncredited
Birger Åsander Track worker (uncredited
Lennart Blomkvist Anders, train driver (uncredited
Hans Dahlin Military on the train (uncredited
David Erikson Ticket collector in flashback (uncredited
Yvonne Eriksson Lena, Bo's sister (uncredited
Barbro Flodquist Waitress (uncredited
Göthe Grefbo Ticket collector (uncredited
John Harryson Fritz, Josef's brother (uncredited
Erland Josephson Karl, Josef's brother (uncredited
Börje Larsson Bit Part (uncredited
Hanny Schedin Midwife (uncredited
Siv Thulin Girl on the meadow (uncredited
Monica Wienzierl Frida (age 7
Fylgia Zadig Girl on the meadow (uncredited


During WW2 in neutral Sweden, young sailor Bo, son of a railway stationmaster, comes home from the Navy and reminisces a childhood accident. At age twelve, he ran away in a steam locomotive together with a blind 10-year-old girl. The engine derailed, and the little girl got killed. Feelings of guilt haunt Bo even in his courtship with Eva, a beautiful local girl. In Stockholm, Bo sees a nightmare about plotting to kill his roommate Göran together with Göran's flirtatious girlfriend Susanne. In a third act, Eva and Bo are married and living on a remote island off Stockholm. When it's time to give birth, Bo has to row the stormy seas and fears again that he will cause another death.
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Eva (1948) - Gustaf Molander