Kvinnodröm (Dreams) (1955)

Original Title : Kvinnodröm
Director : Ingmar Bergman
Writer : Ingmar Bergman
Genre : Drama
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Rune Waldekranz
Music : Stuart Görling
Photography : Hilding Bladh
IMDB ID : 0048272
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Kvinnodröm (Dreams) (1955) - Ingmar Bergman


Eva Dahlbeck Susanne
Harriet Andersson Doris
Gunnar Björnstrand Otto Sönderby, Consul
Ulf Palme Mr. Henrik Lobelius
Inga Landgré Mrs. Lobelius
Benkt-Åke Benktsson Mr. Magnus (as Bengt-Åke Benktsson
Sven Lindberg Palle Palt
Kerstin Hedeby Marianne (as Kerstin Hedeby-Pawlo
Siv Ericks .... Katja scenes deleted
Gösta Prüzelius Man on the train (scenes deleted
Sigvard Törnqvist Man on the train (scenes deleted
Nini Arpe Woman at bakery (uncredited
Folke Åström Sundström's assistant (uncredited
Per-Erik Åström Driver (uncredited
Asta Backman Waitress at second bakery (uncredited
Ingmar Bergman Man with poodle (uncredited
Margaretha Bergström Woman at bakery (uncredited
Renée Björling Mrs. Berger (uncredited
Axel Düberg Photographer in Modefoto's studio (uncredited
Jessie Flaws Make-up artist (uncredited
Git Gay Assistant in fashion store (uncredited
Ludde Gentzel Ferdinand Sundström, photographer (uncredited
Inga Gill Shop assistant at bakery (uncredited
Elsa Hofgren Woman at bakery (uncredited
Maud Hyttenberg Sundström's assistant (uncredited
Curt Kärrby Sundström's photographer (uncredited
Gunhild Kjellqvist Dark girl, assistant in fashion store (uncredited
Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt Hotel receptionist (uncredited
Millan Lyxell Woman at bakery (uncredited
Richard Mattsson Månsson, man at amusement park (uncredited
Marianne Nielsen Fanny, assistant in fashion store (uncredited
Inga Rosqvist Woman at bakery (uncredited
Bengt Schött Costume designer (uncredited
Tord Stål Mr. Barse, jeweller (uncredited
Greta Stave Woman at bakery (uncredited
Viola Sundberg Fashion model (uncredited
Ella Welander Woman at bakery (uncredited
Gerd Widestedt Woman at bakery (uncredited
Naima Wifstrand Mrs. Arén (uncredited


Two women, a fashion editor nearing her mid-thirties and a model who's just twenty, go to Gothenburg for a photo shoot. Suzanne calls her lover, desperate to see him. Doris, the model, is stopped on the street by an elegant older man who offers to buy her the gown she is eyeing in a boutique window. Later that day, each women meets up with her man, and seduction seems imminent until each is interrupted by another woman, in one case, a wife, in another, a daughter. Desire and self-respect, aging and failure play out in both encounters. Suzanne and Doris look for lessons learned, and an unlikely friendship evolves.


Overlooked Bergman Film A delightful film about the love of two women-the owner of a model agency and her top model. On a photographic outing to another city, both have strange day affairs with married men. The film, as relentless as it is tender, is a deeply probing study into the psyche of desire. Bergman's success is derived from exquisite scenes of austere romanticism and painful irony. Rarely has sexual obsession been so accurately observed. Dreams is yet another masterpiece by Bergman, yet sadly underrated and unknown. For anyone who appreciates great storytelling, and masterful filmmaking should do themselves a favor and watch "Dreams". Note: Look for Bergman's cameo as the man with the poodle at the hotel.
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100 x 217
Kvinnodröm (Dreams) (1955) - Ingmar Bergman