Dung Che Sai Duk (Ashes of Time) (1994)

Original Title : Dung che sai duk
Director : Kar-wai Wong
Writer : Louis Cha
Kar-wai Wong
Genre : Drama
Country : Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese
Producer : Sung-lin Tsai
Music : Frankie Chan
Photography : Christopher Doyle
Distributor : HKFM
IMDB ID : 0109688
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poster for "Dung Che Sai Duk (Ashes of Time)" by Kar-wai Wong (1994)
Dung Che Sai Duk (Ashes of Time) (1994) - Kar-wai Wong


ÂBrigitte Lin Mu-rong Yin/Mu-rong Yang
ÂLeslie Cheung Ou-yang Feng
ÂLeslie Cheung Ou-yang Feng


Ou-yang Feng (Leslie Cheung) lives in the middle of a desert, where he acts as a middle man to various swordsmen in ancient China. One of those swordsmen is Huang Yao-shi (Tony Leung), who has found some magic wine that causes one to forget the past. At another time, Huang met Mu-rong Yin (Brigette Lin) and under the influence of drink, promised to marry Mu-rong's sister Mu-rong Yang. Huang jilts her, and Mu-rong Yin hires Ou-yang to kill Huang. But then Mu-rong Yang hires Ou-yang to protect Huang. This is awkward, because Mu-rong Yang and Mu-rong Yin are in reality the same person. Other unrelated plot lines careen about. Among them is Ou-yang's continuing efforts to destroy a band of horse thieves. Oy-yang recruits another swordsman (Tony Leung, but the other one), a man who is going blind and wants to get home to see his wife before his sight goes completely. The swordsman is killed. Ou-yang then meets another swordsman (Jackie Cheung) who doesn't like wearing shoes. Oy-yang sends this man after the horse thieves, with better results. We then find out what a man must give up to follow the martial path.


interesting to compare with "Eagle Shooting Heroes" (1994) I'm not sure of the details of the production of these films but both "Ashes of Time" and "Eagle Shooting Heroes" share so much in terms of story, cast and crew that it's interesting that they are such COMPLETELY different films. Both are based on the story by Louis Cha "Eagle Shooting Heroes", as I understand it, "Ashes of Time" is a prequel to the novel and the film "Eagle Shooting Heroes".The cast for both films are nearly identical and Wong Kar-Wai executive produced the second film, yet they couldn't be more different.This film is a thoughtful and introspective drama that, while complicated, makes sense ultimately whithin it's complex tragic relationships."Eagle Shooting Heroes" (1994) on the other hand is a broad farce with a wild chaotic storyline that isn't very thought provoking but is a whole lot of fun.I recommend seeing it if you like ape costumes, genital humor, and centipede-fu.(I do.)
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392 x 500
Dung Che Sai Duk (Ashes of Time) (1994) - Kar-wai Wong
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294 x 475
Dung Che Sai Duk (Ashes of Time) (1994) - Kar-wai Wong
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Dung Che Sai Duk (Ashes of Time) (1994) - Kar-wai Wong