Gycklarnas Afton (The Naked Night) (1953)

DESPERATELY they fought the desires, the passions that dragged them down deeper and deeper into... "The Naked Night"

Original Title : Gycklarnas afton
Director : Ingmar Bergman
Writer : Ingmar Bergman
Genre : Drama
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Rune Waldekranz
Music : Karl-Birger Blomdahl
Photography : Hilding Bladh
Sven Nykvist
IMDB ID : 0045848
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poster for "Gycklarnas Afton (The Naked Night)" by Ingmar Bergman (1953)
Gycklarnas Afton (The Naked Night) (1953) - Ingmar Bergman


¬√Öke Gr√∂nberg Albert Johansson
¬Harriet Andersson Anne
¬Hasse Ekman Frans
¬Anders Ek Frost
¬Gudrun Brost Alma
¬Annika Tretow Agda
¬Erik Strandmark Jens
¬Gunnar Bj√∂rnstrand Mr. Sjuberg
¬Curt L√∂wgren Blom
¬Kiki The Dwarf
¬Lissi Alandh Theatre actress (uncredited
¬Julie Bernby Rope walker (uncredited
¬John W. Bj√∂rling Greven, circus artist (uncredited
¬Naemi Briese Mrs. Meijer, circus artist (uncredited
¬Michael Fant Fair Anton (uncredited
¬Karl-Axel Forssberg Theatre actor (uncredited
¬√Öke Fridell Artillery officer (uncredited
¬Erna Groth Theatre actress (uncredited
¬Eric Gustafson Policeman (uncredited
¬Conrad Gyllenhammar Fager, circus artist (uncredited
¬Mats H√•dell Lill-Albert, Albert and Agda's youngest son (uncredited
¬Vanja Hedberg Mrs. Ekberg's son (uncredited
¬Agda Helin Theatre actress (uncredited
¬Gunborg Larsson Mrs. Tanti, circus artist (uncredited
¬Gunnar Lindberg Police constable (uncredited
¬G√∂ran Lundquist Albert and Agda's oldest son (uncredited
¬Olav Ri√©go Theatre actor (uncredited
¬Hanny Schedin Mrs. Asta (uncredited
¬John Starck Theatre actor (uncredited
¬Mona Sylwan Mrs. Fager, circus artist (uncredited
¬Majken Torkeli Mrs. Ekberg, member of the orchestra (uncredited
¬Sigvard T√∂rnqvist Meijer, circus artist (uncredited


On a gray morning, a circus caravan arrives in the town where Albert the ringmaster's family lives. He hasn't seen them for three years and has taken a mistress, the young and buxom Anne. Albert calls on his wife, Anne, jealous and wanting out, visits a theatrical troupe and lets an actor, Frans, seduce her in exchange for a necklace he says is valuable. Anne finds out it's worthless at about the same time Albert's wife declines to let him live with the family. Albert and Anne are stuck with the circus and each other, there's a show tonight, Frans will be there smirking and sardonic, the bear is mangy, the clown is as sour as they come, and suicide offers an exit.


A dark, disturbing dream It's undoubtedly true, as has been pointed out in a newsgroup review, that the characters in this film are not particularly likable.I have never been able to understand why that should necessarily work against a film's worth or effectiveness, though.Profound darkness seems to me an integral part of Bergman's work, at least the earlier films like this one.If you're looking for action, adventure, or romance, you're certainly barking up the wrong tree here, and the idea of identifying with the characters in this film scares the hell out of me.Maybe it's just not suited to some viewer's personalities. You're not likely to come across `Sawdust and Tinsel' much these days, unless it's at an art-house, museum or festival screening, or on video. Here in the U.S., Public Television used to show Bergman films in the distant past.That time is long gone, but I can well remember seeing it on TV as a kid, and its imagery lingered in my mind like a vivid nightmare. The black and white cinematography, with wonderful use of darkness and silhouettes, makes it a very beautiful-looking film, but it is unrelentingly dark and gloomy. Not for everybody, but it is what it is, and Bergman is Bergman.Its dream-like imagery and brutal, primal view of human nature can leave a deep impression, especially on impressionable viewers.This is undoubtedly why having seen it when growing up, I've never forgotten it.Though it doesn't seem to be particularly well-regarded these days, I regard it as great and powerful cinema in the Bergman/Nykvist tradition.At the very least, its cinematography should be well-appreciated by anyone who admires the look of films like `The Virgin Spring, ` or `The Silence.'
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Gycklarnas Afton (The Naked Night) (1953) - Ingmar Bergman
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Gycklarnas Afton (The Naked Night) (1953) - Ingmar Bergman