Såsom i en spegel (Through a Glass, Darkly) (1961)

Original Title : Såsom i en spegel
Director : Ingmar Bergman
Writer : Ingmar Bergman
Genre : Drama
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Allan Ekelund
Music : Erik Nordgren
Photography : Sven Nykvist
IMDB ID : 0055499
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Såsom i en spegel (Through a Glass, Darkly) (1961) - Ingmar Bergman


Harriet Andersson Karin
Gunnar Björnstrand David
Max von Sydow Martin
Lars Passgård Fredrik (segment "Minus"


On an island, Karin, a just-released mentally sick youn woman, is spending some vacation with her husband Martin, a doctor, her father David, a writer just back from Swiss, and her younger brother Fredrick aka Minus. Karin is suffering from hallucinations and hysteria. She thinks she is visited by God.


One of Bergman's best works: tragic/poetic/remarkable The first part of a 'religious' trilogy of films released from 1961-1963, Through the Glass Darkly may be the most accomplished of the three, and has the literary qualities of some of the best authors while still sticking to a character-driven story about mental drought and bewilderment.All four members bring out the heart of Bergman's message, with Andersson playing Karin in true sincerity and passion for the plague of her mind that has brought a cloud over her and her father, husband and younger brother (a woman with three generations of men).Some might digest the speculation on the inter-relationship of god and love with insanity, yet it is undeniably a masterwork by a artist filmmaker.A+
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724 x 1014
Såsom i en spegel (Through a Glass, Darkly) (1961) - Ingmar Bergman