Till Glädje (To Joy) (1950)

Original Title : Till glädje
Director : Ingmar Bergman
Writer : Ingmar Bergman
Genre : Drama
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Allan Ekelund
Music : Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Bedrich Smetana
Ludwig van Beethoven
Photography : Gunnar Fischer
IMDB ID : 0043048
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poster for "Till Glädje (To Joy)" by Ingmar Bergman (1950)
Till Glädje (To Joy) (1950) - Ingmar Bergman


Maj-Britt Nilsson Marta Olsson
Stig Olin Stig Eriksson
Birger Malmsten Marcel
John Ekman Mikael Bro
Margit Carlqvist Nelly Bro
Victor Sjöström Sönderby
Staffan Axelsson Lasse at the age of 3 (uncredited
Ingmar Bergman Expecting father at the maternity ward (uncredited
Astrid Bodin Guest at Marta's birthday party (uncredited
Tor Borong Expecting father at the maternity ward (uncredited
Ernst Brunman Concert Hall Doorkeeper (uncredited
Allan Ekelund (uncredited
Eva Fritz-Nilsson Lisa at the age of 3 (uncredited
Agda Helin Nurse (uncredited
Berit Holmström Lisa (uncredited
Svea Holm Mother at the maternity ward (uncredited
Svea Holst Nurse (uncredited
Maud Hyttenberg Toy shop assistant (uncredited
Erland Josephson Bertil (uncredited
Dagny Lind Grandmother (uncredited
Björn Montin Lasse, Marta's and Stig's boy (uncredited
Marrit Ohlsson Guest at Marta's birthday party (uncredited
Sif Ruud Stina (uncredited
Gunnar Rystedt Member of the orchestra (uncredited
Marianne Schüler Guest at Marta's birthday party (uncredited
Georg Skarstedt Anker (uncredited
Rune Stylander Persson (uncredited
Carin Swensson Mother at the maternity ward (uncredited


Stig and Marta are a young married couple who play together in the same Swedish orchestra. He is ambitious and idealistic, but she is more somber and contemplative. Stig, a visiting soloist to a small Swedish orchestra, marries fellow musician Martha, but the inner torment and sense of failure in Stig leads to an extra-marital affair and a tragic ending.


Sjöström's movie Although Olin and Nilsson is good as always, it is Sjöström that makes this movie worth watching. He was a terrific actor, returning to Bergman a few years later in 'Wild Strawberries'. The plot itself nothing out of the ordinary, if you have seen several Bergman movies. Worth mentioning is also Beethoven's wonderful classical music, 'To Joy'.