Scanners (1981)

There are 4 billion people on earth. 237 are Scanners. They have the most terrifying powers ever created... and they are winning.

Original Title : Scanners
Director : David Cronenberg
Writer : David Cronenberg
Genre : Horror
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Pierre David , Claude H√©roux , Victor Solnicki
Music : Howard Shore
Photography : Mark Irwin
IMDB ID : 0081455
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poster for "Scanners" by David Cronenberg (1981)
Scanners (1981) - David Cronenberg


¬Jennifer O'Neill Kim Obrist, Scanner
¬Stephen Lack Cameron Vale, Scanner
¬Patrick McGoohan Doctor Paul Ruth, Psychopharmacist
¬Lawrence Dane Braedon Keller, CONSEC Director of Internal Security
¬Michael Ironside Darryl Revok, Scanner Leader/Head of Biocarbon Amalgamte Drug Lab
¬Robert A. Silverman Benjamin Pierce, Crazy Scanner Sculptor
¬Lee Broker Security One
¬Mavor Moore Trevellyan, CONSEC Chairman
¬Adam Ludwig Arno Crostic, Art Gallery Owner
¬Murray Cruchley Lee, CONSEC Programmer 1
¬Fred Doederlein Dieter Tautz, Yoga Master
¬G√©za Kov√°cs Killer in Record store
¬Sony Forbes Killer in Attic
¬J√©r√īme Tiberghien Killer in Attic
¬Denis Lacroix Killer in Barn
¬Elizabeth Mudry Killer in Barn
¬Victor D√©sy Dr. Gatineau
¬Louis Del Grande First Scanner
¬Anthony Sherwood Scanner in Attic
¬Ken Umland Scanner in Attic
¬Anne Anglin Scanner in Attic
¬Jock Brandis Scanner in Attic
¬Jack Messinger Scanner at Door
¬Victor Knight Dr. L. Frane
¬Karen Fullerton Pregnant Girl in Frane's Waiting Room
¬Margaret Gadbois Woman in Mall
¬Terrance P. Coady Security 1 Car Passenger (as Terry Coady
¬Steve Michaels Security 1 Car Driver
¬Malcolm Nelthorpe Ray, Security 2 Car Driver
¬Nicholas Kilbertus Security 2 Car Partner
¬Don Buchsbaum Large Man in Mall
¬Roland Nincheri Large Man in Mall
¬Kimberly McKeever Hallucinating Guard
¬Robert Boyd Hallucinating Guard
¬Graham Batchelor Yoga Technician
¬Dean Hagopian CONSEC Programmer 2
¬Alex Stevens CONSEC Programmer 3
¬Neil Affleck Medical Student in Mall rest of cast listed alphabetically
¬Sam Stone Security Guard (uncredited


Darryl Revok is the most powerful of all the scanners, and is the head of the underground scanner movement for world domination. Scanners have great psychic power, strong enough to control minds, they can inflict enormous pain/damage on their victims. Doctor Paul Ruth finds a scanner that Revok hasn't, and converts him to their cause - to destroy the underground movement.


Not as good as a lot of other Cronenberg films, but good enough "Scanners" came somewhat as a dissapointment to me.It started out really well, but after that there were too many slow spots for it to be a great movie.It was still a descent Cronenberg film though, but dont expect anything like "The Fly"(1986), "Videodrome"(1983), or even "eXistenZ"(1999), it must also be mentioned that the acting is sometimes downright awful.Overall, if you like Cronenberg, you might be dissapointed, but it's still an OK film.6 out of 10.