Shivers (1975)

T-E-R-R-O-R beyond the power of priest or science to exorcise.

Original Title : Shivers
Director : David Cronenberg
Writer : David Cronenberg
Genre : Horror
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Don Carmody , Alfred Pariser , Ivan Reitman , John Dunning , Peter James , André Link
Photography : Robert Saad
IMDB ID : 0073705
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Shivers (1975) - David Cronenberg


Paul Hampton Roger St Luc
Joe Silver Rollo Linski
Lynn Lowry Nurse Forsythe
Allan Kolman Nicholas Tudor (as Allan Migicovsky
Susan Petrie Janine Tudor
Barbara Steele Betts
Ronald Mlodzik Merrick
Barry Baldaro Det. Heller
Camil Ducharme Mr. Guilbault
Hanka Posnanska Mrs. Guilbault
Wally Martin Doorman
Vlasta Vrana Kresimer Sviben
Silvie Debois Benda Sviben
Charles Perley Delivery boy
Al Rochman Parkins
Julie Wildman Miss Lewis
Arthur Grosser Mr. Wolfe
Edith Johnson Olive
Dorothy Davis Vi
Joy Coghill Mona Wheally
Joan Blackman Elevator mother
Kirsten Bishop Elevator daughter (as Kirsten Bishopric
Fred Doederlein Emil Hobbes
Sonny Forbes Garbage room man
Nora Johnson Laundry woman
Kathy Graham Annabelle
Robert Brennen Boy
Felicia Schulman Girl
Roy Wittan Bearded man
Denis Payne Elevator man
Kevin Fenlow Elevator man


A scientist living in an apartment complex kills a girl and uses acid to destroy her internal organs and then kills himself. While investigating, a doctor discovers that the scientist was doing experiments on the use of genetically engineered parasites as organ transplants. Soon other people in the complex begin showing signs of carrying the parasites, spreading the things through wanton orgiastic abandon, and the complex begins suffering an attrition problem.


Wonderfully twisted horror masterpiece. "Shivers"/"They Came From Within" is a wonderfully twisted horror film directed by Canadian maestro David Cronenberg("The Fly","Rabid","The Brood").It certainly works as a gory shocker(it actually managed to make my skin crawl),but there's not enough tension for my liking.There are some great gross-out moments and the parasites are suitably disgusting.The plot is simple:bizarre parasites lead the inhabitants of a high rise apartment building to go on an orgy of sex and violence.The film is delightfully disgusting,so if you like horror movies check out this masterpiece.Highly recommended.10 out of 10.
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Shivers (1975) - David Cronenberg
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Shivers (1975) - David Cronenberg
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Shivers (1975) - David Cronenberg