Galaxina (1980)

In the 31st Century Man finally created a machine... with feelings !

Original Title : Galaxina
Director : William Sachs
Writer : William Sachs
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Newton P. Jacobs , Marilyn Jacobs Tenser
Photography : Dean Cundey
IMDB ID : 0080771
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Galaxina (1980) - William Sachs


¬Stephen Macht Thor
¬Avery Schreiber Captain Cornelius Butt
¬J.D. Hinton Buzz (as James David Hinton
¬Dorothy Stratten Galaxina (as Dorothy R. Stratten
¬Lionel Mark Smith Maurice
¬Tad Horino Sam Wo
¬Ronald Knight Ordric
¬Percy Rodriguez Ordric's Voice (voice
¬Herb Kaplowitz Rockeater &
¬Stephen Morrell Chopper
¬Angelo Rossitto Monster from Egg
¬Nancy McCauley Elexia
¬Fred D. Scott Commander
¬David A. Cox Mr. Spot
¬Peter Schrum Fat Daddy (as Pete Schrum
¬Susan Kiger Blue Girl
¬Marilyn Joi Winged Girl
¬Rhonda Shear Mime/Robot
¬Bartine Burkett Whistler's Mother (as Bartine Zane
¬Heather O'Connell Little Girl
¬Michael D. Castle Claw Salesman (as Mike Castle
¬George E. Mather Horn Man (as George Mather
¬Hugh Warden Earthman
¬Frank Ferro Alien


Main Plot: Crew of interstellar police ship is sent to recover a mysterious crystal, the blue star. Sub Plots: The ships female android and a crew member fall in love. Alien is spoofed as as the captain gives birth to an alien who grows up on the ship thinking the captain is its mother


It has a subtle genius for failure. A strange thing happened the day after I saw Galaxina, back when it was released.The movie is a spoof of sci-fi movies and is full of jokes, puns and sight gags, but I just sat there in the theater and never laughed once. Or, more accurately, I didn't feel the least tickle of amusement.It was more like a string of detached observations of, "Ah, that joke flopped badly."If it had been a live performance, there would have been those crushing dead silences every time the actors paused to allow reactions to their jokes. The next night, at a party, I was trying describe just how bad the movie really was.This involved, in part, telling several of the jokes. Surprisingly, my listeners laughed at them.I could flatter myself and claim that I'm such a hot comic that I could get laughs even reading the obituaries out loud.But that ain't so.Let's just say that I gave the jokes a mildly competent delivery... and that's what Galaxina didn't do. Now, a work of genius is indefinable.No matter how much you analyze it, you can never quite pin down why it is so exceptional, while another film - with all the same objective attributes - is merely competent.The same is true of transcendent badness.The world is full of bad movies, with the same objective failures in budget, acting, writing and directing.But Galaxina is loaded with subtle catastrophes.There are nuances that extract the worst possible effect from so many scenes.And I can't quite figure out how it was done.Without this quality Galaxina might actually have ended up acceptably incompetent, a fun cheapo film, and gotten the laughs I did from its jokes.
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Galaxina (1980) - William Sachs
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Galaxina (1980) - William Sachs