Marie-Chantal Contre Dr Kha (1965)

Original Title : Marie-Chantal contre docteur Kha
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Daniel Boulanger
Claude Chabrol
Christian Yve
Genre : Action
Country : Spain
Language : French
Music : Michel Colombier
Gregorio García Segura
Pierre Jansen
Photography : Jean Rabier
IMDB ID : 0059432
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poster for "Marie-Chantal Contre Dr Kha" by Claude Chabrol (1965)
Marie-Chantal Contre Dr Kha (1965) - Claude Chabrol


Marie Laforêt Marie-Chantal
Francisco Rabal Paco Castillo
Serge Reggiani Ivanov
Charles Denner Johnson
Akim Tamiroff Dr. Kha
Roger Hanin Bruno Kerrien
Stéphane Audran Olga
Pierre Moro Hubert
Gilles Chusseau Gregor
Antonio Passalia Sparafucile/Gunshooter (as Anthony Pass
Robert Burnier Old Swissman
Claude Chabrol Barman/Drugstore clerk
Onofrio Arcoleo makeup artist


Marie-Chantal travels by train to her cousin's place to spend a winter holiday, when a stranger - apparently a fugitive from someone aboard - entrusts her with a jewel in the shape of a tiger with ruby eyes. Unknown to her, these false jewels contain a virus powerful enough to destroy all humankind. Doctor Kha is just one among many spies from different nations trying to get their hands on the tiger, or Marie-Chantal... It will give any nation a tremendous control over all others! Marie-Chantal, a snob girl, will evade all attacks by sheer female cunning, and shows tigerish qualities in dealing with her male, and female foes.


Is it really THE Claude Chabrol? If you're looking for something like "le boucher" or "les cousins" ,please pass by.It's Chabrol's second period ,between his promising debut ("le beau Serge" "les cousins" "à double tour" ) and his golden age ("que la bête meure",le boucher").To set the record straight "Marie -Chantal contre docteur Kha " is commercial stuff.It was obviously intended as a spoof on the James Bond movies which were at their absolute peak at the time,when Sean Connery ruled.Marie Laforêt -who is also a singer but here she does not sing- portrays a false bubble head girl,much smarter than her enemies -and allies - think she is and she's both gorgeous and efficient.A bevy of good actors support her:Bunuelian (!) Francisco Rabal,Serge Reggiani,Roger Hanin -François Mitterrand's brother-in-law-,and as the villain,Akim Tamiroff who hams it up as hell,halfway between Fu -Manchu and aSPECTRE member.But one should also note Stephane Audran's presence :she was Mrs Chabrol at the time,and she would be the star of his best movies ("le boucher" "la femme infidèle" "la rupture" "les noces rouges" "Violette Nozières"...)as well as Bunuel's "le charme discret de la bourgeoisie" and Axel's "Gaestebud".Audran portrays Olga ,a false widow .Claude Chabrol ,in the grand Hitchcock tradition,appears as a barman. All these people are searching for a jewel,a panther with ruby eyes ,its secret is not very original . This is a movie for Chabrol completists.If you're not,there's much more interesting in this director's uneven but interesting career.