Dead Ringers (1988)

Two bodies. Two minds. One soul. Separation can be a terrifying thing.

Original Title : Dead Ringers
Director : David Cronenberg
Writer : Bari Wood
Jack Geasland
David Cronenberg
Norman Snider
Genre : Drama
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Carol Baum , John Board , Marc Boyman , David Cronenberg , Sylvio Tabet , James G. Robinson , Joe Roth
Music : Howard Shore
Photography : Peter Suschitzky
IMDB ID : 0094964
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Dead Ringers (1988) - David Cronenberg


Jeremy Irons Beverly Mantle/Elliot Mantle
Geneviève Bujold Claire Niveau
Heidi von Palleske Cary
Barbara Gordon Danuta
Shirley Douglas Laura
Stephen Lack Anders Wolleck
Nick Nichols Leo
Lynne Cormack Arlene
Damir Andrei Birchall
Miriam Newhouse Mrs. Bookman
David Hughes Superintendent
Richard W. Farrell Dean of Medicine (as Richard Farrell
Warren Davis Anatomy Class Supervisor
Jonathan Haley Beverly, Age 9
Nicholas Haley Elliot, Age 9
Marsha Moreau Raffaella
Dennis Akayama Pharmacist (as Denis Akiyama
Dee McCafferty Surgeon
Susan Markle Operating Room Nurse
Murray Cruchley Assisting Surgeon
Jane Luk Lecture Hall Nurse
Tita Trevisan Furniture Salesman
Jacqueline Hennessy Coral
Jill Hennessy Mimsy (as Jillian Hennessy
David Walden Director
Liliane Stillwell Wardrobe Person
Denise McLeod Art Gallery Lady
Bob Bainborough Mr. Glaser
Nick Rice MC (as Nicholas Rice
Joe Matheson Sean
Hadley Kay Delivery Boy
Cynthia Eastman Sobbing Woman
Nora Colpman Mrs. Randall
Rena Polley Soap Opera Character
Madeleine Atkinson Soap Opera Character
John Bayliss Performance Double
Graham Evans Picture Double
Alan Gough Director/producer of TV soap opera (uncredited
Jordan-Patrick Marcantonio Twin Boy (uncredited
Julian-Peter Marcantonio (uncredited
Greg Van Riel Man in reception (uncredited


The Mantle brothers are both doctors - both gynecologists - and identical twins. Mentally however, one of them is more confident than the other, and always manages to seduce the women he meets. When he's tired of his current partner, she is passed on to the other brother - without her knowing. Everything runs smoothly, until an actress visits their clinic, and the shy brother is the first to fall in love. Will they be able to 'share' her ?


Superb psychological thriller from the master Cronenberg Dead Ringers is a genuinely chilling true story(!) about two twin gynaecologists who are identical in every sense (Whatever goes into ones bloodstream goes into anothers'). This fascinating, if sometimes confusing script, is handled with unmatched brilliance by the master of macabre, David Cronenberg. A thought provoking, challenging piece of first-rate filmmaking. Worth seeing, but not after a meal. 8/10.
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Dead Ringers (1988) - David Cronenberg