Rupture, La (Break Up, The) (1970)

Original Title : Rupture, La
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Charlotte Armstrong
Claude Chabrol
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Music : Pierre Jansen
Photography : Jean Rabier
IMDB ID : 0066318
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Rupture, La (Break Up, The) (1970) - Claude Chabrol


¬St√©phane Audran H√©l√®ne R√©gnier
¬Jean-Pierre Cassel Paul Thomas
¬Michel Bouquet Ludovic R√©gnier
¬Annie Cordy Mrs. Pinelli
¬Jean-Claude Drouot Charles
¬Mario Beccara Mr. Pinelli
¬Marguerite Cassan Emilie
¬Louise Chevalier Parque
¬Suzy Falk Parque
¬Maria Michi Parque
¬Antonio Passalia Elise
¬Dominique Zardi Balloon Seller
¬Angelo Infanti Dr. Blanchard
¬Mario David Gerard Mostelle
¬Michel Duchaussoy Allan Jourdan
¬Catherine Rouvel Sonia


Helene Regnier's husband Charles, who is mentally ill, injures their son Michel in a rage. Charles moves back in with his wealthy and manipulative parents, who blame Helene for their son's condition and vow to win custody of Michel. While the boy is in hospital, Helene rents a room in a boarding house nearby. The Regniers hire Paul Thomas, a family acquaintance who needs money, to find dirt on Helene before the court hearing on custody. Paul moves into the boarding house and, with the help of his girlfriend Sonia, who rarely wears clothes, plots to ruin Helene's reputation and then her very life.


Baroque Chabrol Coming after "le boucher" ,"la rupture "was met with a chilly reception in France.Hindsight displays its charms,already glaring when the movie was released in 1970.Adapted from a Charlotte Armstrong's novel(the balloon man which became ,translated into French "le jour des ¨Parques"-the day of the Fates-)But the movie is called "la rupture" Why?Because there's really a rupture between Hélène ,the heroine,and a bourgeois background she does not really belong to:actually she married a die-hard bourgeois's -marvelous Michel Bouquet-offspring,an addict at that. Armstrong's book was primarily a detective story,but Chabrol gave it a strong social criticism.Later,he would do the same with Ruth Rendell's book "a judgement in stone" for "la cérémonie". What puzzled the spectators at the time was the baroque of the form:a strange boarding house with a mentally handicapped little girl,three old ladies -the three Fates- commenting the events.And a final verging on the irrational,with a balloon release that the crictic called "facile symbolism " they sneered.Perhaps so...But this movie remains intriguing,and of course Audran,Bouquet,Cassel,and the others are a peerless cast.
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Rupture, La (Break Up, The) (1970) - Claude Chabrol