Nighthawks (1981)

One man can bring the world to its knees and only one man can stop him.

Original Title : Nighthawks
Director : Bruce Malmuth
Writer : David Shaber
Paul Sylbert
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Bill Badalato , Franklin R. Levy , Herb Nanas , Martin Poll , Mike Wise
Music : Keith Emerson
Photography : James A. Contner
IMDB ID : 0082817
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Nighthawks (1981) - Bruce Malmuth


¬Sylvester Stallone Det. Sgt. Deke DaSilva
¬Billy Dee Williams Det. Sgt. Matthew Fox
¬Lindsay Wagner Irene (Deke's girlfriend
¬Persis Khambatta Shakka Holland (Kapoor
¬Nigel Davenport Peter Hartman
¬Rutger Hauer Reinhardt Heymar Wulfgar/Eric (terrorist
¬Hilary Thompson Pam (stewardess, victim of Wulfgar
¬Joe Spinell Lt. Munafo
¬Walter Mathews Commissioner
¬E. Brian Dean Sergeant
¬Caesar Cordova Puerto Rican proprietor
¬Charles Duval Dr. Ghiselin
¬Tony Munafo Big Mike
¬Howard Stein Disco manager
¬Tawn Christian Disco Hostess
¬Luke Reilly Conductor
¬Jamie Gillis Designer
¬Yvette Hawkins Mrs. Ntembwe
¬Einar Perry Scott Mr. Sostrom
¬Erle Bjornstad Mrs. Sostrom
¬Jacques Roux French Ambassador
¬Clebert Ford Nigerian Ambassador
¬Eivind Harum Swedish Ambassador
¬Obaka Adedunyo Mr. Ntembwe
¬Corine Lorain Suzanne Marigny
¬Jean-Pierre Stewart Rene Marigny (first assistant French Ambassador
¬Thomas Rosales Jr. Ripper
¬John Shamsul Alam Ripper
¬Jos√© Santana Ripper
¬Patrick Fox Reporter
¬John Cianfrone Mugger (Central Park
¬Tim Marquart Mugger (Central Park
¬Tony Maffatone Mugger (Central Park
¬Tom Degidon Immigration officer
¬Rita Tellone Brunette
¬Al Cerullo Helicopter pilot
¬Karl A. Wickman Helicopter pilot
¬Cliff Cudney ATAC man
¬Joe Dabenigno ATAC man
¬Steve Daskawisz ATAC man
¬John Devaney ATAC man
¬Paul Farentino ATAC man
¬Edward Fox ATAC man
¬Randy Francklan ATAC man
¬Roger Caine ATAC man (as Al Levitsky
¬Richard Noyce ATAC man
¬Dar Robinson ATAC man
¬Judee Wales ATAC man
¬Luke Walter ATAC man
¬Zoya Leporska Subway hostage
¬Brian Osborne Orchard
¬Robert Pugh Kenna (murdered by Wulfgar
¬Catherine Mary Stewart Salesgirl at Harding &
¬Frederick Treves Chief police inspector
¬Susan Vanner Girl at party
¬Jim Beaver .... Subway passenger) 
¬Jellybean Ben√≠tez DJ at Xenon (uncredited


New York cop Deke DaSilva loves his job on the decoy squad so much he has several times forgone promotion. So when he and his partner are assigned to a new anti-terrorist unit he is pretty hostile to the idea. The unit is run by a British expert who suspects a major terrorist is in town. His message is shoot to kill, which makes DaSilva even unhappier. But when bombs start going off he thinks again.


Nighthawks Exciting shoot 'em up with Stallone and Williams as cops who try to nab terrorist Hauer, who is fantastic in his first American film. Wagner is here for good measure, I suppose. Great final scene with the tables turned on Hauer.
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345 x 536
Nighthawks (1981) - Bruce Malmuth
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200 x 282
Nighthawks (1981) - Bruce Malmuth
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200 x 297
Nighthawks (1981) - Bruce Malmuth
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199 x 308
Nighthawks (1981) - Bruce Malmuth