3 Women (1977)

1 woman became 2/2 women became 3/3 women became 1

Original Title : 3 Women
Director : Robert Altman
Writer : Robert Altman
Patricia Resnick
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Robert Altman , Scott Bushnell , Robert Eggenweiler
Music : Gerald Busby
Photography : Charles Rosher Jr.
IMDB ID : 0075612
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3 Women (1977) - Robert Altman


Shelley Duvall Millie Lammoreaux
Sissy Spacek Pinky Rose
Janice Rule Willie Hart
Robert Fortier Edgar Hart
Ruth Nelson Mrs. Rose
John Cromwell Mr. Rose
Sierra Pecheur Ms. Bunweil
Craig Richard Nelson Dr. Maas
Maysie Hoy Doris
Belita Moreno Alcira
Leslie Ann Hudson Polly
Patricia Ann Hudson Peggy
Beverly Ross Deidre
Beverly Ross Deidre


Shy, reclusive girl Pinky starts work at a solarium and becomes emotionally attached to her fellow worker, Millie. After an accident, the women seem to inexplicably swap personalities, and then return back to normal. A third woman, a local artist, prowls around on the periphery of the story.


Not bad, not good, just interesting, I rate it "5" of 10. "3 Women" was filmed in 1977, and it has that 70s look to it. Their apartment, around a swimming pool, was much like the apartment I lived in during the early 70s. I watched it mainly because I am a fan of Sissy Spacek, who was 28 here, but looked closer to 18 or 20. By any account this is a strange movie, and Altman surely enjoyed writing and directing "his dream", but that alone cannot make it a good movie.Spacek and Shelly Duvall both are fine actors here. Funny, in some quiet dialog Duvall asks Spacek where she is from, "Near Longview? Is it Quitman?" Quitman, Texas, is actually where Spacek grew up! I am frankly amazed at the several "user reviews" here saying what a great movie it is. The first thing that hit me is how much the industry has raised the standards of costuming, filming, and background sounds and music over the past 20-plus years. My rating for this movie, considering others I have seen, is "5" of 10.
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3 Women (1977) - Robert Altman
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3 Women (1977) - Robert Altman
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3 Women (1977) - Robert Altman