Letzte Mann, Der (Last Laugh, The ) (1924)

Original Title : Letzte Mann, Der
Director : F.W. Murnau
Writer : Carl Mayer
Genre : Drama
Country : Germany
Language : Silent - German Title Cards
Producer : Erich Pommer
Music : Giuseppe Becce
Timothy Brock
Peter Schirmann
Photography : Robert Baberske
Karl Freund
IMDB ID : 0015064
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Letzte Mann, Der (Last Laugh, The ) (1924) - F.W. Murnau


Emil Jannings Hotelportier [hotel porter]
Maly Delschaft Seine nichte [his niece]
Max Hiller Ihr bräutigam [her bridgroom]
Emilie Kurz Bridegroom's aunt
Hans Unterkircher Geschäftsführer [hotel manager]
Olaf Storm Junger gast [young guest]
Hermann Vallentin Spitzbäuchiger gast [guest with pot belly]
Georg John Nachtwächter [night watchman]
Emmy Wyda Dünne nachbarin [thin neighbor] rest of cast listed alphabetically
Harald Madsen Musician at wedding (uncredited
Neumann-Schüler (uncredited
Carl Schenstrøm Musician at wedding (uncredited


Peripheral viewpoint....WARNING potential spoiler.. The side characters of this film are interesting. Specifically his family's reaction, and more importantly the Night watchman and the Bathroom attendant who replaces him.It was a nice touch having the night watchman be his companion at dinner, rather than his wife or daughter. Just desserts I think. And the attendant he gives dignity and human contact to is also a good touch.A classic that epitomizes those who are born good, and when fortune smiles at them shares such bounty with those who might otherwise never know such kindness.
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427 x 527
Letzte Mann, Der (Last Laugh, The ) (1924) - F.W. Murnau