Vie Moderne, La (2000)

Original Title : Vie moderne, La
Director : Laurence Ferreira Barbosa
Writer : Laurence Ferreira Barbosa
Bruno Guiblet
Genre : Drama
User Comments:The Naked City ...(more)
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Paulo Branco , Patricia Plattner
Music : Faton Cahen
Photography : Christophe Beaucarne
IMDB ID : 0217132
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poster for "Vie Moderne, La" by Laurence Ferreira Barbosa (2000)
Vie Moderne, La (2000) - Laurence Ferreira Barbosa


Isabelle Huppert Claire
Frédéric Pierrot Jacques
Lolita Chammah Marguerite
Juliette Andréa Eva
Jean-Pierre Gos Marguerite's father
Robert Kramer Andy Hellman
Aurélien Recoing Georges
Marc Rioufol Leon
Teo Saavedra Herminio
Jérémie Korenfeld Pierre François
Jacques Spiesser Désormières
Blandine Paulet Sandra
Jean-Baptiste Montagut Handsome neighbor
Cécile Richard Gertrude
Nathalie Nell Annick Renard
Pierre Banderet Staff manager
Françoise Balibar Jacques' landlady
Jean-Louis Loca Poet in the garden
Annie Mercier Eliane
Nicolas Pignon Doctor
Christophe Loizillon Homme couple d'amis
Suzanne Finet Femme couple d'amis
Marie-Amélie Seigner Pénélope
Laurent Jaffro Le prof de philo
Emilien Gobard Pedro
Thomas Cousseau Grançon Grand Hôtel
Enrico Mattaroccia Homme mannequin
Kristina Kumlin Femme mannequin
Oumria Mouffok Hôtesse hôpital
Carmen Castillo Femme disque
Jean-Pierre Viguie Homme disque
Béatrice Michel Infirmière
Mathilde Wambergue La prof de gym
Yvonne Kerouedan Copine voisin
Emmanuel Clarke Habitué café
Rodolphe Le Corre Rolf
Charles Caro M. Ferrier
Dolores Gonzalez Hotesse d'accueil
Abdellah Moundy Patron bar Eva
Sylvain Maury Ami Eva
Denis Ferre Gardien immeuble Eva
Robert Sender Homme qui rompt
Adrien Boyadjian Elliot
Gabriella Riga Fille Jacques
Philippe Rebbot Voix homme menaçant
Pierre Bray Kidnappeur Eva 1
Pascal Rigot Kidnappeur Eva 2
Nikolai Boldaev L'oiseleur
Clotilde Porrot Serveuse asiatique
Gersende Dufromentel 


The Naked City ... ...boasts, we are told, eight million stories.Here we get three of them.Frankly the attraction for me was Isabelle Huppert, the finest French actress currently working, who is incapable of turning in a bad performance even when the script and direction push her to the limits. Actually this entry is not half so bad as some of the stuff she has, for reasons best known to herself, deigned to appear in.There's not a great deal, if anything, that's new and or unique about lonliness, isolation and feeling extremes of these conditions when in the midst of a large city teeming with humanity so it is not surprising that this movie does not break any new ground.If you have a penchant for exploring the human condition by peering down the business end of a microscope focussed on three disparate individuals and don't mind spending two hours doing so then check this one out, if you're curious to see how much Huppert's daughter resembles her physically - a lot - then still check it out.Either way you shouldn't be too disappointed. 6/10