Final Cut (1998)

The camera never's a pity about friends

Original Title : Final Cut
Director : Dominic Anciano
Ray Burdis
Genre : Drama
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Dominic Anciano , Jim Beach , Ray Burdis
Music : John Beckett
Photography : John Ward
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language, sexuality, drug use and some violence.
IMDB ID : 0162958
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poster for "Final Cut" by Dominic Anciano | Ray Burdis (1998)
Final Cut (1998) - Dominic Anciano | Ray Burdis


¬Ray Winstone Ray
¬Jude Law Jude
¬Sadie Frost Sadie
¬John Beckett John
¬William Scully Bill
¬Mark Burdis Mark
¬Perry Benson Tony
¬Lisa Marsh Lisa
¬Bill Scully William
¬Ray Burdis Burdis
¬Dominic Anciano Dominic


The film opens with the cast gathering after the funeral of Jude to see a film he had been working on for two years. It turns out that the film is secret videos of all those gathered together in their most despicable moments including thievery, spousal abuse, adultery, etc. The revelations remove the masks from the so-called close friends.


Takes you apart then puts you back together again, only differently. This film had an emotional impact on me which left me drained.If you can sit through the first 30 minutes of the film, you will be rewarded.It is aimed directly at the viewer.After the film is over, it is time to think it through.Your responses to the actions of the characters and the denouement will tell you more about yourself than you expect. I won't set out the plot.This film should be approached with an open mind and set aside your preconceived expectations about what a film should be. It reiterated to me what a powerful and intelligent performer Jude Law is. On a personal level, I felt very deeply for Sadie Frost when I watched this.One thing is certain, I doubt she can watch this film now.