Royal Tenenbaums, The (2001)

Family Isn't A Word... It's A Sentence.

Original Title : Royal Tenenbaums, The
Director : Wes Anderson
Writer : Wes Anderson
Owen Wilson
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Wes Anderson , Barry Mendel , Scott Rudin , Rudd Simmons , Will Sweeney , Owen Wilson
Music : Mick Jagger
Mark Mothersbaugh
Keith Richards
Elliott Smith
Photography : Robert D. Yeoman
Distributor : Buena Vista Home Entertainment [br]
MPAA Rating : Rated R for some language, sexuality/nudity and drug content.
IMDB ID : 0265666
Official site :
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Royal Tenenbaums, The (2001) - Wes Anderson


Gene Hackman Royal Tenenbaum
Anjelica Huston Etheline Tenenbaum
Anjelica Huston Etheline Tenenbaum


Three grown prodigies, all with a unique genius of some kind, and their mother are staying at the family household. Their father, Royal had left them long ago, and comes back to make things right with his family.


Margot smokes Not as funny or touching as "Rushmore", this one gives you more to chew on.Its a better movie in some ways but not in others.Not that all movies by the same team have to be compared to all the others, but it seems like they are similiar in a lot of ways so its natural to compare them. I love Wes &, Owen and will see anything they come up with.They have a real love of humanity and are never really cruel.Even when the characters do unkind things to each other, its like they still do it with love.When Pagoda stabs Royal in front of the house, he still helps him into his cab and later on is seen attending to the wound.This is this movie in a nutshell. Even Gwyneth, who makes my spine shiver, was tolerable in this.10/10.Thanks guys, you bring something new to modern cinema.
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Royal Tenenbaums, The (2001) - Wes Anderson
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Royal Tenenbaums, The (2001) - Wes Anderson