Cement Garden, The (1993)

Original Title : Cement Garden, The
Director : Andrew Birkin
Writer : Andrew Birkin
Ian McEwan
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Producer : Bernd Eichinger , Bee Gilbert , Martin Moszkowicz , Stephen O'Rourke , Ene Vanaveski
Music : Ed Shearmur
Photography : Stephen Blackman
IMDB ID : 0106535
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poster for "Cement Garden, The" by Andrew Birkin (1993)
Cement Garden, The (1993) - Andrew Birkin


¬Andrew Robertson Jack
¬Charlotte Gainsbourg Julie
¬Alice Coulthard Sue
¬Ned Birkin Tom
¬Sin√©ad Cusack Mother
¬Hanns Zischler Father
¬Jochen Horst Derek, Julie's Friend
¬Gareth Brown William
¬Dick Flockhart Van Driver
¬Mike Clark Van Passenger


Weird movie about four kids, two brothers and two sisters, who are left alone in their home in London suburbs after both their parents die. The story revolves around their burying of her mother in the house's cellar, and a key element of the plot is the love and hate relationship between the older brother, Jack, and the older sister, Julie. But Julie has an older boyfriend who discovers the whole thing.


Strange, bizarre, disgusting and perverted at the same time. *A few spoilers, if you care* What sort of a man decides to write a book about a death within a family which sparks off a romance between two siblings. Surely only somebody disturbed. Because thats the feeling I got when I watched this weird film. It had no meaning, no moral and certainly nothing to relate to, well unless there are other people out there who feel attracted to their siblings from time to time. A family who live in an isolated suburb are attempting to cover their weed filled garden with cement, (well all but one who is in the bathroom doing other things!) when the father suffers from a stroke and dies. Being within the first five minutes it's hard to feel truly sorry for the family because you don't know any characters properly yet. The next 110 minutes consists of another death and an ongoing attempt to cover it up. For this reason I cannot recommend this at all as it is completely boring and will leave you wishing you'd rather not bothered. Some people have compared it to The Shining as it deals with what happens if you left.......alone in isolation, but I see a greater resemblance with Casino Royale to be frank: they're both crap. P.S - if anybody out there knows why the teenager in the family feels the urge to run outside in the rain 'commando style' half way through then please email me and let me know, its been bothering me for months.