High Art (1998)

a story of ambition, sacrifice, seduction and other career moves.

Original Title : High Art
Director : Lisa Cholodenko
Writer : Lisa Cholodenko
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Dolly Hall , Jeffrey Levy-Hinte , Lori E. Seid , Susan A. Stover
Music : Stuart Hill
Nathan Larson
Craig Wedren
Photography : Tami Reiker
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong sexuality, pervasive drug use and language.
IMDB ID : 0139362
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High Art (1998) - Lisa Cholodenko


┬Radha Mitchell Syd
┬Gabriel Mann James
┬Charis Michaelson Debby (as Charis Michelsen
┬David Thornton Harry
┬Anh Duong Dominique
┬Ally Sheedy Lucy
┬Patricia Clarkson Greta
┬Helen Mendes White Hawk
┬Bill Sage Arnie
┬Tammy Grimes Vera
┬Cindra Feuer Delia
┬Anthony Ruivivar Xander
┬Elaine Tse Zoe
┬Rudolf Martin Dieter
┬Laura Ekstrand Waitress
┬Sarita Choudhury Joan (uncredited
┬Stephen Gevedon Man at Party (uncredited
┬Lorraine DeMaris Mattia Photo Editor/Office Worker


Syd, a newly appointed assistant editor of Frame magazine, discovers that the woman living above her flat is none other than the talented yet enigmatic photographer Lucy Berliner. When the two of them meet, Syd gets acquainted with both Lucy's past work and her circle of flegmatic, junkie friends. Seeing a definite career opportunity, Syd encourages Lucy to shoot new pictures for her magazine. At the same time, a strong attraction starts to develop between them. As the photo assignment continues, both Syd and Lucy are forced to examine their own lives and loves.


Not much to complain about `High Art' is a small, intense movie about three women and their business relationships on the one hand, their love relationships on the other. The film hasn't much to say, there's just the question of how far can work influence love and the other way round, especially when art is involved? The pictures are cold and unfriendly, as are the photographs by the main character, Lucy Berliner. The three ladies act convincingly, it is not an easy job for them. On the whole, this is not something one might remember for quite some time but there is also not much to complain about.
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High Art (1998) - Lisa Cholodenko
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High Art (1998) - Lisa Cholodenko
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High Art (1998) - Lisa Cholodenko