Crash (1996)

Love in the dying moments of the twentieth century.

Original Title : Crash
Director : David Cronenberg
Writer : J.G. Ballard
David Cronenberg
Genre : Drama
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Chris Auty , David Cronenberg , Andras Hamori , Robert Lantos , St├ęphane Reichel , Marilyn Stonehouse , Jeremy Thomas
Music : Howard Shore
Photography : Peter Suschitzky
MPAA Rating : Rated NC-17 for numerous explicit sex scenes.
IMDB ID : 0115964
Official site :
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Crash (1996) - David Cronenberg


┬James Spader James Ballard
┬Holly Hunter Helen Remington
┬Elias Koteas Vaughan
┬Deborah Unger Catherine Ballard (as Deborah Kara Unger
┬Rosanna Arquette Gabrielle
┬Peter MacNeill Colin Seagrave
┬Yolande Julian Airport Hooker
┬Cheryl Swarts Vera Seagrave
┬Judah Katz Salesman
┬Nicky Guadagni Tattooist
┬Ronn Sarosiak A.D.
┬Boyd Banks Grip
┬Markus Parilo Man In Hanger
┬Alice Poon Camera girl
┬John Stoneham Jr. Trask rest of cast listed alphabetically
┬David Cronenberg Auto Wreck Salesman (voice
┬Jordan-Patrick Marcantonio Man in Tattoo Parlor (uncredited


Since a road accident left him with serious facial and bodily scarring, a former 'TV scientist' has become obsessed by the marriage of motor car technology with what he sees as the `raw sexuality' of car-crash victims. The scientist, along with a crash victim he has recently befriended, sets about performing a series of sexual acts in a variety of motor vehicles, either with other crash victims or with prostitutes who they contort into the shape of trapped-corpses. Ultimately, the scientist craves a suicidal union of blood, semen and engine coolant, a union with which he becomes dangerously obsessed. Based on the 1973 novel by J. G. Ballard. James and Catherine Ballard are a married couple whose sex life has been reduced to recounting tales of mutual infidelity to turn each other on. One night, James causes a head-on collision with a car carrying Dr. Helen Remington, killing her husband and severely injuring her and himself. Subsequent encounters with each other find that they are oddly sexually aroused by the danger of car accidents and potential accidents, and, with Catherine, soon fall in with a cult of car crash fetishists. The group is led by Vaughan, a former scientist twisted by his own disfigurement in an accident, and, as a result, a man obsessed with car crashes as a liberation of sexual energy. Vaughan inducts the Ballards and Dr. Remington into his surreal world of sex in the back seats of cars, re-enactments of famous car crashes (i.e. James Dean and Jayne Mansfield), viewing photos of accident victims and screenings of collision videos as pornography, and fender benders as mating rituals.


I liked it I had read the novel and was very curious to see what David Cronenberg would do.The book was somewhat better, but I thought the movie was very intelligent, disturbing and outrageous.The cast does well, especially Deborah Kara Unger, who gives the best performance in the movie. As usual, Cronenberg creates another world, and either you want to go there or not, but this time it ended up being fascinating, for me at least.
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Crash (1996) - David Cronenberg