Student von Prag, Der (1913)

Original Title : Student von Prag, Der
Director : Hanns Heinz Ewers
Stellan Rye
Writer : Alfred de Musset
Hanns Heinz Ewers
Edgar Allan Poe
Genre : Drama
Country : Germany
Language : Silent
Music : Josef Weiss
Photography : Guido Seeber
IMDB ID : 0003419
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poster for "Student von Prag, Der" by Hanns Heinz Ewers | Stellan Rye (1913)
Student von Prag, Der (1913) - Hanns Heinz Ewers | Stellan Rye


ÂPaul Wegener Balduin
ÂJohn Gottowt Scapinelli
ÂGrete Berger Komtesse Margit
ÂLyda Salmonova Lyduschka
ÂLothar Körner Graf von Schwarzenberg
ÂFritz Weidemann Baron Waldis-Schwarzenberg


The Grandfather of Horror Films If "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" is the father of all horror films (and of German expressionist cinema), this pre-WWI film is the grandfather. The titular student, starving in an empty garret, makes a deal with the Devil-- the Devil gives him a bottomless sack of gold, in exchange for "anything in this room." The Devil chooses the student's reflection in his mirror. He walks off with the student's doppelganger, who commits crimes for which the student is blamed. The film is marred by some limitations arising out of the technically primitive state of 1913 filmmaking, the plot cries out for chiaroschuro effects, but the film is, of necessity, virtually all shot in shadowless daylight. But the scene where the reflection walks out of the mirror still packs a wallop. More interesting for the trends it fortells than for its own sake, The Student of Prague is still worthwhile.