317e Section, La (1965)

Original Title : 317e section, La
Director : Pierre Schoendoerffer
Writer : Pierre Schoendoerffer
Pierre Schoendoerffer
Genre : War
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Benito Perojo , Georges de Beauregard
Music : Gregorio Garc√≠a Segura
Pierre Jansen
Photography : Raoul Coutard
IMDB ID : 0058863
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poster for "317e Section, La" by Pierre Schoendoerffer (1965)
317e Section, La (1965) - Pierre Schoendoerffer


¬Jacques Perrin Le sous-lieutenant Torrens
¬Bruno Cremer L'adjutant Willsdorf
¬Pierre Fabre Le sergent Roudier
¬Manuel Zarzo Le caporal Perrin


Synopsis and Comments on La 317e Section In 1954 Vietnam, at the time of Diên Biên Phu, a French unit on patrol under the command of an inexperienced lieutenant is gradually depleted by Vietminh until only an ex-Wehrmacht Alsatian adjutant remains. He is to die, a title informs us, in Algeria in 1960. Semi-documentary in style, this is an effectively low-key appraisal of the difficult choices with which war confronts its soldiers. As so often in Vietnam films the enemy is only glimpsed from a distance, the camera remaining a disembodied observer among the group. Bertrand Tavernier acted as co-writer on the film.