317e Section, La (1965)

Original Title : 317e section, La
Director : Pierre Schoendoerffer
Writer : Pierre Schoendoerffer
Pierre Schoendoerffer
Genre : War
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Benito Perojo , Georges de Beauregard
Music : Gregorio García Segura
Pierre Jansen
Photography : Raoul Coutard
IMDB ID : 0058863
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poster for "317e Section, La" by Pierre Schoendoerffer (1965)
317e Section, La (1965) - Pierre Schoendoerffer


Jacques Perrin Le sous-lieutenant Torrens
Bruno Cremer L'adjutant Willsdorf
Pierre Fabre Le sergent Roudier
Manuel Zarzo Le caporal Perrin


Synopsis and Comments on La 317e Section In 1954 Vietnam, at the time of Diên Biên Phu, a French unit on patrol under the command of an inexperienced lieutenant is gradually depleted by Vietminh until only an ex-Wehrmacht Alsatian adjutant remains. He is to die, a title informs us, in Algeria in 1960. Semi-documentary in style, this is an effectively low-key appraisal of the difficult choices with which war confronts its soldiers. As so often in Vietnam films the enemy is only glimpsed from a distance, the camera remaining a disembodied observer among the group. Bertrand Tavernier acted as co-writer on the film.