China Girl (1987)

Original Title : China Girl
Director : Abel Ferrara
Writer : Nicholas St. John
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Mitchell Cannold , Mary Kane , Michael Nozik , Steven Reuther
Music : Joe Delia
Photography : Bojan Bazelli
IMDB ID : 0092751
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China Girl (1987) - Abel Ferrara


James Russo Alby
Richard Panebianco Tony
Sari Chang Tye
David Caruso Mercury
Russell Wong Yung Gan
Joey Chin Tsu Shin
Judith Malina Mrs. Monte
James Hong Gung Tu
Robert Miano Enrico Perito
Paul Hipp Nino
Doreen Chan Gau Shing
Randy Sabusawa Ma Fan
Keenan Leung Ying Tz
Lum Chang Pan Da Shan
Sammy Lee Mohawk
Johnny Shia Jimmy Bing
Stephan Chen Mr. Tang
Raymond Moy Tommy Chyan
Josephina Gallego-Díaz Rosetta
Caprice Theresa
Anthony Dante Costare
Robert LaSardo Carlo Forza
Chi Moy Yang
David Kelsey Reilly Mounted Policeman I
Joe Pentangelo Mounted Policeman II
Anthony Esposito Don Carlucci
Diane Cheng Nyu Ren
Frank Young Waiter
John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia Cha Cha
John Orofino Nicky (as Jon Orofino
Ida Bernardini Rosa (as Ida Bernadini
Nancy Moo Nightclub Dancer
Jadin Wong Mrs. Lei
Carole Cortland Italian Woman
Denise Leong Mei
Ednah Holt Background Singer
Francis Maiorino Michael


A modern day Romeo &, Juliet story is told in New York when an Italian boy and a Chinese girl become lovers, causing a tragic conflict between ethnic gangs.


Okay action flick almost done in by the lack of chemistry between two leads ROMEO AND JULIET begat WEST SIDE STORY which begat CHINA GIRL. To say the plot of CHINA GIRL is good is stating the obvious: how are you going to improve on Shakespear? Story old as time there are two young lovers who meet at a party and fall in love while dancing together. They come from feauding families. The boy is Italian and the girl is Chinese in this case. They both have friends and family who are hoodlums. They are continually told to stay in thier own neighborhoods, but of course this leads to them sneaking around to meet. Both leads are attractive but not great actors. The thing that annoyed me about this film was the lack of chemistry. Watch the sex scene. Look at the girls face. She does not even seem to be enjoying herself, let alone in passionate rapture. This is the sort of sex scene usually seen in movies about sad, poor, or even drug hazed people. The storyline needs to capitalize on these two being so in love they cant bare to be apart, and thier lack of chemistry muddles this.
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China Girl (1987) - Abel Ferrara