Roseaux sauvages, Les (Wild Reeds, The) (1994)

Original Title : Roseaux sauvages, Les
Director : André Téchiné
Writer : Olivier Massart
Gilles Taurand
André Téchiné
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Georges Benayoun , Alain Sarde
Photography : Jeanne Lapoirie
IMDB ID : 0111019
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Roseaux sauvages, Les (Wild Reeds, The) (1994) - André Téchiné


Élodie Bouchez Maïté Alvarez
Gaël Morel François Forestier
Stéphane Rideau Serge Bartolo
Frédéric Gorny Henri Mariani
Michèle Moretti Madame Alvarez
Jacques Nolot Monsieur Morelli
Eric Kreikenmayer Pierre Bartolo, the Groom
Nathalie Vignes Irène, the Bride
Michel Ruhl Monsieur Cassagne
Fatia Maite Aicha Morelli
Claudine Taulère Nurse
Elodie Soulinhac Colette, Girl at Party
Dominique Bovard Guard
Monsieur Simonet Guard
Chief Officer Carre Officer
Paul Simonet Monsieur Bartolo
Charles Picot Headmaster
Christophe Maitre Gym Instructor
Bordes Fernand Raouly Madame Bartolo
Michel Voisin Justice of the Peace
Denis Bergonhe Gas Station Attendant


In a village in the Southwest of France, 1962. Maite and Francois are 18 years old. They are friends, not lovers. In Francois's classroom, there are Serge, whose brother has just married to try to escape from the war in Algeria, and Henri, a pied-noir (Algerian-born Frenchman). Francois and Serge will have a homosexual relationship, but Serge wants to marry his brother's wife...


Honest French Teenage Drama "Wild Reeds" presents an honest look at late teens coming of age in a private French boarding school.The multi-leveled drama focuses primarily on four youths striving to balance their lives as they near graduation and young adulthood.The acting is uniformly good and the direction secure. A film rich in youthful characterizations.
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537 x 723
Roseaux sauvages, Les (Wild Reeds, The) (1994) - André Téchiné