Merveilleuse Angélique (1965)

Original Title : Merveilleuse Angélique
Director : Bernard Borderie
Writer : Anne Golon
Serge Golon
Claude Brulé
Bernard Borderie
Francis Cosne
Daniel Boulanger
Genre : Adventure
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Francis Cosne
Music : Michel Magne
Photography : Henri Persin
IMDB ID : 0058343
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poster for "Merveilleuse Angélique" by Bernard Borderie (1965)
Merveilleuse Angélique (1965) - Bernard Borderie


Michèle Mercier Angélique de Peyrac
Claude Giraud Philippe de Plessis-Bellières
Jean Rochefort Desgrez
Jean-Louis Trintignant Claude le Petit, dit Le poète croté
Giuliano Gemma Nicolas
Claire Maurier Ninon de Lenclos
Ernst Schröder Le capitaine du Châtelet
Charles Régnier Conan Becker
Jacques Toja Louis XIV
François Maistre Prionce de Condé
Robert Porte Monsieur
Denise Provence Barbe
Noël Roquevert Bourjus
Rosalba Neri La Polak
Elizabeth Ercy Rosine (as Elisabeth Ercy
Patrick Lemaître Flipot
Gino Marturano Rodogone
Jacques Hilling Molines
Henri Cogan Cul-de-Bois
Serge Marquand Jactance
Nadia Barentin Jacqueline
Pietro Tordi Le grand Coërse
Michael Münzer Beau-Garçon
Robert Hoffmann Chevalier de Lorraine
Malka Ribowska La Brinvilliers
Roberto Barcarolle (as Le Nain Roberto
Dominique Viriot Linot


From the Cour des Miracles to the Court of the Sun King. That's Angelique's route.The title of the Golon's novel was "le chemin de Versailles"(=Versailles route). And like the other movies of this famous - in France - saga, it does not do the book any justice. Once again,the Golons ' depictions were often first-class, mainly in the first chapters which deal with the notorious "Cour des Miracles" (also depicted by Victor Hugo in "Notre-Dame de Paris" (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)). Their work was cheapened and watered-down by the scenarists, giving a romantic flavor to Nicolas' character (who in the book is a crude brute), and avoiding many a "horrible" line. For instance,the fighting in Saints-Innocents charnel house - where the Belles de Paris used to come during the day to do some shopping among the skulls and the bones - is nowhere to be seen on the screen. This is fairly entertaining cloak and dagger adventures, a genre that was at its (commercial) peak in France circa 1960 thanks to actor Jean Marais ("le bossu","le capitan" "le miracle des loups"), but was on the wane after 1965. "Angélique" was, all in all, the last hurrah (so to speak).