Angélique et le roy (1966)

Original Title : Angélique et le roy
Director : Bernard Borderie
Writer : Anne Golon
Serge Golon
Alain Decaux
Bernard Borderie
Francis Cosne
Pascal Jardin
Genre : Adventure
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Francis Cosne
Music : Michel Magne
Photography : Henri Persin
IMDB ID : 0058909
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poster for "Angélique et le roy" by Bernard Borderie (1966)
Angélique et le roy (1966) - Bernard Borderie


Michèle Mercier Angélique de Plessis-Bellière
Robert Hossein Jeoffrey de Peyrac
Jean Rochefort Desgrez
Jacques Toja Louis XIV
Sami Frey Bachtiary Bey
Estella Blain De Montespan
Fred Williams Ràkóczi
Pasquale Martino Savary
Jean Parédès Saint-Amon
René Lefèvre Colbert (as René Lefebvre
Michel Galabru Bontemps
Philippe Lemaire de Vardes
Ann Smyrner Thérèse
Carol Le Besque La Desoeillet
Michel Thomass Barcarolle (as Le Nain Roberto
Claude Giraud Philippe de Plessis-Bellières rest of cast listed alphabetically
Valérie Boisgel (uncredited
Jean Lefebvre (uncredited


How a great book becomes a dud. "Angélique et le roy" is Anne et Serge Golon's peak:their novel successfully recreates the atmosphere of Louis the fourteenth 's court, with its intrigues, and its incredible "Etiquette". Their depictions are vivid and colorful. They have never blended so intimately Angelique's adventures with the historical events :and there are a lot of 'em:war in Holland,the sumptuous feasts which celebrated victory, the rise of Madame de Montespan and the fall of Louise de La Vallière as favorites of the Sun King, the poisons affair, Henriette d'Angleterre's death,et al. Of course,there are some mistakes (the book was written in the fifties) : Monsieur,frère du roi (king's brother), was never the villain depicted by the Golon, and his wife's(Henriette) poisening was never proved(and the historians reckon it's unlikely). What about the movie? It's an almost complete loss.The scenarists took what was the most spectacular - Angélique meets a Persian prince and is almost raped, she attends a black mass- and left the rest, all I mention above. "Indomptable Angélique" and "Angélique et le sultan" the two final episodes of the saga are, if possible,worse.