Angélique et le Sultan (1968)

Original Title : Angélique et le sultan
Director : Bernard Borderie
Writer : Anne Golon
Serge Golon
Bernard Borderie
Pascal Jardin
Francis Cosne
Pascal Jardin
Louis Agotay
Genre : Adventure
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : François Chavane , Francis Cosne
Music : Michel Magne
Photography : Henri Persin
IMDB ID : 0061357
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poster for "Angélique et le Sultan" by Bernard Borderie (1968)
Angélique et le Sultan (1968) - Bernard Borderie


Michèle Mercier Angélique de Peyrac
Robert Hossein Jeoffrey de Peyrac
Jean-Claude Pascal Osman Ferradji
Jacques Santi Vateville
Helmuth Schneider Colin Paturel
Roger Pigaut Le Marquis d'Escrainville
Ettore Manni Jason
Erno Crisa Turkish Ambassador
Bruno Dietrich Corlano
Pasquale Martino Savary
Renato De Carmine Le sultan
Claudio Previtera La prisonnière
Mohamed Kouka Mezzo Morte (uncredited
Mino Doro (uncredited
Mario Meniconi (uncredited
Christian Rode Vivonne (uncredited
Sieghardt Rupp Millerand (uncredited
Samia Sali Jeune Fille Du Harem (uncredited


About time to go!! In 1968,Michèle Mercier told the journalists that there would be more Angéliques after this one.She said that, at the end of this oriental saga,the heroine would be captured by Desgrez, the King's favorite cop, and that poor Joffrey would have nothing to do but sail away... But, it was not to be. Bernard Borderie filmed the two last episodes ("Indomptable Angélique and" Angélique et le sultan" which are actually adapted from the same book, the title of which is that of the former) together, then divided his footage into two parts, making the first film some kind of trailer for "Angélique et le sultan" which is not a good movie for all that. Far from Golon's brilliant depictions, it often gets ridiculous. French Jean-Claude Pascal as an educated eunuch is guaranteed to net nothing but horse-laugh. the dialogue follows suit : Angélique to the sultan during the fatal Night : "But,here, you do not want to rape me, do you?" The Angelique film saga thus stopped here, whereas there are about fifteen books in all. No actress tried to take on the character.They used to talk, in the nineties,about a TV serie.Then Robert Hossein took the first book to the stage in the mid-nineties, taking on his former Peyrac part. But Angelique's fans (of the books!) are still waiting for a strong adaptation of Anne et Serge Golon's magnificent books, easily the best historical adventures since Alexandre Dumas. In France,their names are slowly fading, but in Canada, they retain a cult of followers. More power to them.