Immortel (ad vitam) (2004)

Original Title : Immortel
Director : Enki Bilal
Writer : Enki Bilal
Enki Bilal
Serge Lehman
Genre : Action
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Charles Gassot , Daniel J. Walker
Music : Goran Vejvoda
Photography : Pascal Gennesseaux
IMDB ID : 0314063
Official site :
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poster for "Immortel (ad vitam)" by Enki Bilal (2004)
Immortel (ad vitam) (2004) - Enki Bilal


¬Linda Hardy Jill Bioskop
¬Thomas Kretschmann Nikopol
¬Charlotte Rampling Elma Turner
¬Fr√©d√©ric Pierrot John
¬Thomas M. Pollard Horus
¬Yann Collette Froebe rest of cast listed alphabetically Olivier Achard .... Checker
¬Corinne Jaber Lily Liang
¬Joe Sheridan Allgood
¬Jean-Louis Trintignant Jack Turner


Surprising, beautiful and entertaining I was extremely surprised to enjoy this movie. The combination of live action, computer graphics and Egyptian gods meant I feared the worst kind of sub-Besson science fiction mess. But the story, whilst strange (I have never read any of the cartoon albums), hangs together nicely. The sets and vision of New York in 2095 works nicely and avoids the usual Blade-Runner jet-black depressionism. I particularly liked the color schemes and the overall feel of the sets. The version I saw (french) was well dubbed, mostly by the cast members since they are largely francophone. The characters were well drawn, and the presence of Ms Hardy (ex Miss France) was both excellent from an acting point of view and pleasurable from a visual perspective. All in all a very entertaining film with some clever moments, nice touches of humour and some interesting questions that are raised.