Sisters (1973)

What the Devil hath joined together let no man cut asunder.

Original Title : Sisters
Director : Brian De Palma
Writer : Brian De Palma
Louisa Rose
Genre : Horror
Country : USA
Language : English and French
Producer : Edward R. Pressman , Lynn Pressman , Robert Rohdie
Music : Bernard Herrmann
Photography : Gregory Sandor
IMDB ID : 0070698
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Sisters (1973) - Brian De Palma


┬Margot Kidder Danielle Breton/Dominique Blanchion
┬Jennifer Salt Grace Collier
┬Charles Durning Joseph Larch
┬William Finley Emil Breton (as Bill Finley
┬Lisle Wilson Phillip Woode
┬Barnard Hughes Arthur McLennen
┬Mary Davenport Mrs. Collier
┬Dolph Sweet Detective Kelly rest of cast listed alphabetically
┬Olympia Dukakis Louise Wilanski, Bakery Shop Employee
┬Burt Richards Hospital Attendant (uncredited


SISTERS is a horrific story centering on Danielle (Margot Kidder), a young woman who apparently murders her date, and Grace (Jennifer Salt), a nosy reporter and Danielle's neighbor who sees the whole thing. Things get strange when it is revealed that Danielle was a siamese twin, and her nasty twin sister may have something to do with the murder.


Dumb fun! "Sisters" is the first of Brian DePalma's good scary movies that ended with "Dressed to Kill".It's fun watching how sophisticated he would become with his technique, but it's also fun watching the glee in this slightly goofy, earlier movie.Margot Kidder is sensual and funny as Danielle and she's quite terrifying as the demented psychotic Dominique.That first knife slashing was a shock, and then when she starts to twitch...only to twist around to see that she's not finished the job.It was kind of like when Martin Balsam got stabbed to death in "Psycho", but I prefer DePalma's sense of shock and sacrilege to Hitchcock's methods.In exchange for the precision of Hitchcock's visual psychology, DePalma is excited by the capacity that violence and dread has to jar an atmosphere of dreamlike sensuality, tranquility.He does it all so exquisitely.His horror has fairy tale elements...When the sweet man is having the birthday cake made, the tinkly music is wonderfully ominous.(DePalma has great choices in composers.)I only wish he would have continued with these pretty, scary thriller-comedies instead of what he ventured into in the 1980s, though "Raising Cain" wasn't too bad.
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Sisters (1973) - Brian De Palma