House of Games (1987)

Where the game is never over.

Original Title : House of Games
Director : David Mamet
Writer : David Mamet
Jonathan Katz
David Mamet
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Michael Hausman
Music : Alaric Jans
Photography : Juan Ruiz Anch√≠a
IMDB ID : 0093223
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House of Games (1987) - David Mamet


¬Lindsay Crouse Margaret Ford
¬Joe Mantegna Mike
¬Mike Nussbaum Joey
¬Lilia Skala Dr. Littauer
¬J.T. Walsh The businessman
¬Willo Hausman Girl with book
¬Karen Kohlhaas Prison ward patient
¬Steven Goldstein Billy Hahn
¬Jack Wallace Bartender, House of Games
¬Ricky Jay George/Vegas Man
¬G. Roy Levin Poker player
¬Bob Lumbra Poker player
¬Andy Potok Poker player
¬Allen Soule Poker player
¬Ben Blakeman Bartender, Charlie's Tavern
¬Scott Zigler Western Union clerk
¬William H. Macy Sgt. Moran (as W.H. Macy
¬John Pritchett Hotel desk clerk
¬Meshach Taylor Mr. Dean
¬Johnny 'Sugarbear' Willis Hotel doorman (as Sugarbear Willis
¬Josh Conescu Garage attendant
¬Julie Mendenhall Late student
¬Rachel Cline Student
¬Patricia Wolff Patient/Ford's office
¬Paul Walsh Man in restaurant
¬Roberta Maguire Restaurant hostess
¬Jacqueline de La Chaume Woman with lighter
¬Julie Michaels (uncredited


A famous psychologist, Margaret Ford, decides to try to help one of her patients get out of a gambling debt. She visits the bar where Mike, to whom the debt is owed, runs poker games. He convinces her to help him in a game: her assignment is to look for "tells", or give-away body language. What seems easy to her becomes much more complex.


Neat! Directed by David Mamet (The Spanish Prisoner) this is a great mystery movie.Don't let anyone tell you the story.You must see it!It is a Hitchcock type of story. It is fascinating. House of Games is a very tricky movie. The plot is mind boggling and it is a work of art. My favorite quotes: Mike: "You can't bluff someone who's not paying attention." Mike:" What I'm talking about comes down to a more basic philosophical principle: "Don't trust nobody." I recommend the movie.
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House of Games (1987) - David Mamet
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House of Games (1987) - David Mamet