Gervaise (1956)

Original Title : Gervaise
Director : René Clément
Writer : Émile Zola
Jean Aurenche
Pierre Bost
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Annie Dorfmann
Music : Georges Auric
Photography : Robert Juillard
IMDB ID : 0049259
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Gervaise (1956) - René Clément


Maria Schell Gervaise Macquart
François Périer Henri Coupeau
Jany Holt Mme. Lorilleaux
Mathilde Casadesus Madame Boche
Florelle Maman Coupeau
Micheline Luccioni Clemence
Lucien Hubert M. Poisson
Jacques Harden Goujet
Jacques Hilling Mon. Boche
Amédée Mes Bottes
Hubert de Lapparent Mon. Lorilleaux
Hélène Tossy Mme. Bijard
Rachel Devirys Mme. Fauconnier
Jacqueline Morane Mme. Gaudron
Yvonne Claudie M. Gaudron
Marelle Ferry Lantier
Suzy Delair Virginie rest of cast listed alphabetically Patrice Catineau .... Claude at 6
Christian Denhez Etienne at 8
Max Elbeze Zidore
Christian Férez Etienne at 13
Chantal Gozzi Nana
Peignot M. Madinier
André Wasley Père Colombe
Michel Caillaud (uncredited
Yvette Cuvelier (uncredited
Roger Dalphin (uncredited
Simone Duhart (uncredited
Jean Gautrat (uncredited
Francoise Hery Nana at 5 (uncredited
Ariane Lancell Adèle (uncredited
Leurville (uncredited
Denise Péronne (uncredited
Jean Reiet (uncredited
Gilbert Sanjakian (uncredited
Aram Stephan (uncredited


Gervaise Macquart, a young lame laundress, is left by his lover Auguste Lantier with two boys... She manages to make it, and a few years later she marries Coupeau, a zinc worker. After working very hard a few more years, she succeeds buying his own laundry (her dream)... But Coupeau started to drink after being fallen from a roof, and Lantier shows up... A faithful adaptation of Emile Zola's novel "L'Assomoir", depicting the fatal degeneration of a family of workers, mainly because of alcohol.


The degeneration by alcohol François Perier as the alcoholic Henri Coupeau is unsurpassed as sick man having his overdose and delirium by alcohol.Maria Shell as Gervaise is convincing as the poor woman working day and night for the drunken men she is having in her home and her little daughter! This movie should be shown to all people having drinking problems.As it is set in a different period (the end of the second Emperor Napoleon's reign) is has something universal. The general atmosphere of this epoch is however very accurate.
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Gervaise (1956) - René Clément
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Gervaise (1956) - René Clément