Blueberry (2004)

When the angels kiss the demons,... you'd better be ready.

Original Title : Blueberry
Director : Jan Kounen
Writer : Matt Alexander
Gérard Brach
Jean-Michel Charlier
Alexandre Coquelle
Carlo De Boutiny
Jean Giraud
Jan Kounen
Matthieu Le Naour
Genre : Adventure
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Jean-Michel Lacor , Thomas Langmann , Ariel Zeitoun
Music : Jean-Jacques Hertz
François Roy
Photography : Tetsuo Nagata
IMDB ID : 0276830
Official site :
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poster for "Blueberry" by Jan Kounen (2004)
Blueberry (2004) - Jan Kounen


Vincent Cassel Mike S. Blueberry
Juliette Lewis Maria Sullivan
Michael Madsen Wallace Sebastian Blount
Temuera Morrison Runi
Ernest Borgnine Rolling Star
Djimon Hounsou Woodhead
Hugh O'Conor Young Mike S. Blueberry
Eddie Izzard Baron Werner Amadeus von Luckner/Prosit
Vahina Giocante Madeleine
Colm Meaney Jimmy McLure
Geoffrey Lewis Sullivan
Jan Kounen Billy
Tchéky Karyo The Uncle
Nichole Hiltz Lola
Dominique Bettenfeld .... Scarecrow) 
Karl Braun Posse member Charlie
Jean Giraud Escort
Kestenbetsa Kheetseen
Franois Levantal Pete
William Lightning Young Runi
Antonio Monroy Julio
Kateri Walker Clara Von Luckner


In 1870's the U.S Marshall Mike S. Blueberry tries to stop Wally Blount, the man who killed his girlfriend from getting to a stockpile of gold hidden in Indian territory. In his way, meets Prosit, a german villain on a persistant mission to find pots of gold in the Superstition Montains. Blueberry is stationed in the little town of Palomito as sheriff. One day there is an ordinary row in the local saloon, but one of the trouble makers, called Prosit, shows up to be Baron Werner Amadeus von Luckner. Prosit has made a lot of enemy´s. The fact that he owns the gun of a popular man, who got killed, from that town makes him prime suspect. The people want to lynch him and Blueberry can only just prevent that. Two bouty hunters arrive to take Prosit along to Durango but Prosit ascapes with Jimmy and make him a lot of promises about a gold mine. Then the trouble it´s only stars, with betrayals, bounty killers, hostile indians and the mystery ghost who guard the gold mine.


Surprising: not that bad! Well, I went to see that in order to empty my stressed mind and to forget my personal problems. So I was not expecting a good movie. Knowing 3 movies by Jan Kounen (Dobermann, Gisele Kerozene and Vibroboy), I was also expecting a rather violent and almost inhuman action movie. But to my surprise: NO! It was exactly the contrary: a kind of hypnotic western movie, fa from what we've seen before in that cinema genre. Of course it's not a masterpiece and it has some clichés and "bad" scenes. But the style is quite original and it's more an insight of Blueberry's mind than a Blueberry's adventure. This movie is far from the comic book's character (I have to admit that I don't really know the comic book so it's probably why I was not that upset by the difference!) but in one way it's not a big deal! It's announced in the opening credits: "freely inspired by"! Therefore, I think that's just a re-invention of the myth of Blueberry as "O Brother" is a re-invention of Ulysses by the Coen Brothers or "Romeo + Juliet" a re-invention of Shakespeare's work by Baz Lurhman. Adaptation shouldn't be a copy, in fact. And that's why lots of people always say: "oh my God, if you know the book, the cinema adaptation is totally failed!" Because they (we) are often afraid of re-invention. To come back to the movie "Blueberry", I have to say that I was completely hypnotized by the animated almost abstract part of it. At the end, the long insight of Blueberry reminded me of "2001 a space odyssey". Of course "Blueberry" will not be remembered as "2001" is and will still be, but it looks like a kind of tribute to Kubrick's movie. "Blueberry" seems to be a very personal movie for Kounen and I suppose that's the reason why it's misunderstood andunderestimated. People were probably waiting for a more conventional western movie. And I think this one is kind of in-between: both a commercial movie and a more experimental author's film. So have a try, and just fly in Blueberry's mind... and don't expect too many action scenes! 7/10