Things Change (1988)

Dealing with the mob is always a gamble.

Original Title : Things Change
Director : David Mamet
Writer : David Mamet
Shel Silverstein
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Ned Dowd , Michael Hausman
Music : Alaric Jans
Photography : Juan Ruiz Anchía
IMDB ID : 0096259
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poster for "Things Change" by David Mamet (1988)
Things Change (1988) - David Mamet


Don Ameche Gino
Joe Mantegna Jerry
Robert Prosky Joseph Vincent
J.J. Johnston Frankie
Ricky Jay Mr. Silver
Mike Nussbaum Mr. Greene
Jack Wallace Repair Shop Owner
Dan Conway Butler
Willo Hausman Miss Bates
Gail Silver Housemaid
Len Hodera Ramone
Josh Conescu Bellenza
Adam Bitterman Marcotti
Jack Merrill No Pair (as Merrill Holtzman
William Novelli Willie
Kenny Lilliebridge Chicago Bodyguard
Charles Stransky Scarface
William H. Macy Billy Drake
J.T. Walsh Hotel Manager
Jordan Lage Assistant Manager
Steven Goldstein Randy
Sarah Potok Chambermaid
Robert Bella Bellboy
Robert Ostrovsky Bellboy
Melissa Bruder Manicurist
Patrick O'Neill Haberdasher
Jonathan Katz Jackie Shore
Lionel Mark Smith Pit Boss (as Lionel Smith
Scott Zigler Cashier
Felicity Huffman The Wheel of Fortune Girl
Mary B. McCann Cocktail Waitress
Patricia Wolff Cocktail Waitress
G. Roy Levin Casino Gambler
Andy Potok Casino Gambler
Théo Cohan Casino Gambler
Allen Soule Casino Gambler
Burton Zahler Casino Gambler
Derek R. Hill Texan
James Donovan Head Waiter
Ken Koc Maitre D
Clark Gregg Stage Manager
Sara Eckhardt Cherry
Karen Kohlhaas Grace
Vincent Guastaferro Kenny
Christopher Kaldor Harry
Natalia Nogulich Anna
Val Clemmer Cook
John Cardinale Italian Don
Bill Bagwell Texas Don
Howard Rosenstone New York Don
Paul Butler Gas Station Owner
Jerrold Graff Bailiff (as Jerry Graff
Dick Cusack Judge


Gino, an Italian-American shoe-shiner with a remarkable similarity to a certain mafia don, is paid to take the rap for a murder. Jerry, a two-bit gangster on probation, is given a chance for redemption by guarding Gino for the weekend. But instead of sitting around a dingy hotel room, Jerry decides to give Gino a weekend to remember, taking him to Lake Tahoe. Jerry's bragging to his friends of his important charge, as well as Gino's dignified, quiet demeanor, soon result in much complication for them both.


Great Entertainment I loved this picture. Mantegna and Ameche are so opposite and I really can't share the view of other people that Ameche is performing a "Being There." Ameche is much smarter, he realizes from the start something is wrong. First he declines the offer but he knows perfectly well these people will shoot him (remember the scene with the smoking lady). Then, the movie starts, and he's in charge, and he keeps in charge, he accepts a luncheon with a Don in LA., he finds money to get back to Chicago, he uses his coin to call the Las Vegas mob. Nice, entertaining, two and a half stars. I laughed quite a bit. Must be my Italian roots.