Bara prata lite (Talk) (1997)

Original Title : Bara prata lite
Director : Lukas Moodysson
Writer : Lukas Moodysson
Genre : Drama
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Lars Jönsson
Photography : Ulf Brantås
IMDB ID : 0126208
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poster for "Bara prata lite (Talk)" by Lukas Moodysson (1997)
Bara prata lite (Talk) (1997) - Lukas Moodysson


Sten Ljunggren Birger Andersson
Cecilia Frode Mahapadu
Erich Hörtnagl Ernst
Sara Ragnarsson Girl on the bus
Graizyna Göransson Woman
Stig Gustavsson Worker at Volvo
Ahmet Berisha producer


Birger is old and retired from work. Still, he goes back to work since he has nothing else to do. Back home he gets a rare visitor: a girl from Hare Krishna recruiting new members. But his need for human contact proves to be to overwhelming for the girl...