Fridge (1996)

Original Title : Fridge
Director : Peter Mullan
Writer : Peter Mullan
Genre : Short
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Frances Higson
Music : Craig Armstrong
Photography : Grant Cameron
IMDB ID : 0142301
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poster for "Fridge" by Peter Mullan (1996)
Fridge (1996) - Peter Mullan


ÂGary Lewis Rudy


A moving piece of bleak realism, shot through with grim dignity Fridge is set in a Glaswegian slum, where a homeless couple struggle to free a child trapped in an abandoned fridge.The action unfolds simply, with indifference and misunderstanding, compounded by the couple's own alcoholism and vestigal existence, leading towards a potential tragedy.The photography and performances are beautiful and compelling and natural. There is no sign of artifice, just anger and indignation.These are people who do not ask for pity or even understanding, just that they be allowed to live their lives unjudged and undisturbed. This is compelling, beautiful film making, which has not left my mind since I watched it.