Gisele Kerozene (1989)

Original Title : Gisele Kerozene
Director : Jan Kounen
Genre : Animation
Country : France
Language : Music
IMDB ID : 0097436
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poster for "Gisele Kerozene" by Jan Kounen (1989)
Gisele Kerozene (1989) - Jan Kounen


Jan Kounen Man in wheelchair


In a modernistic city, three odd fellows seem to worship a small bird-like statue when a fourth bizarre person steals it. They give chase on their motorized flying brooms. One by one, the thief eludes or dispatches his pursuers as they zoom through the cityscape.


Man, this film is AWESOME!!!!!! From the very beginning every shot is masterfully crafted. >,Without a doubt this short is one of the ultimate works of >,frame-by-frame animation. Not only is it shown beautifully, but >,it is the result of a wildly creative imagination. The director >,really knows his st