Härlig är jorden (World Of Glory) (1991)

Original Title : Härlig är jorden
Director : Roy Andersson
Writer : Roy Andersson
Genre : Short
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Göran Lindström , Freddy Olsson
Music : Allan Pettersson
Photography : István Borbás
IMDB ID : 0102083
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poster for "Härlig är jorden (World Of Glory)" by Roy Andersson (1991)
Härlig är jorden (World Of Glory) (1991) - Roy Andersson


Klas-Gösta Olsson producer


A plain, ordinary man tells us about his work as a real-estate broker, his dead father, his ordinary home and so on in a naturalistic voice, lacking any emotions.


Ballad of a Thin Man Capitalism, consumerism, genocide and guilt... just some of the themes covered by filmmaker Roy Andersson in this 14-minute epic.As with his most recent film, Songs from the Second Floor, World of Glory sees Andersson create a series of interconnected visual tableaux about a seemingly everyday man and the crumbling world that he inhabits. Andersson uses the same principal as in his TV commercials, keeping the scenes concise and to the point, presenting us with a world filled with fragile, sickly looking people... the stench antiseptic and detergent pungently conjured in our minds... This mere description hints at the film's bleakness, a bleakness that is too hard to describe.With Songs... Andersson used his series of vignettes to present to us the theme of cultural alienation using surrealism and black comedy.With Glory... almost all elements of comedy have been discarded, leaving us with images of cheerless, unwelcoming reality. That isn't to say that the film doesn't reward.The final scene complements that shocking opening image, making Andersson's message of repressed guilt as obvious as a punch in the gut.It is only natural for the central character's carefully constructed world to fall down around him with the secrets he has been hiding... or the secrets any one of us may be hiding, finally spilling out, until we here screaming in our sleep.There is no ONE way of interpreting or understating this film... The images wash over us, sometimes infuriating us with the bleak, unbroken silences. World of Glory acts as an astonishing companion to Andersson's more accomplished Songs from the Second Floor, and acts as a wonderful antidote, to all those mindless summer blockbusters.As the cliché goes, you may not enjoy it... but you'll certainly be left thinking about it for many weeks following.