Homme sans tête, L' (2003)

Original Title : Homme sans tête, L'
Director : Juan Diego Solanas
Writer : Juan Diego Solanas
Genre : Short
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Annie Dautane , Juan Diego Solanas , Aton Soumache , Alexis Vonarb
Music : Vincent Artaud
Photography : Juan Diego Solanas
IMDB ID : 0363263
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poster for "Homme sans tête, L'" by Juan Diego Solanas (2003)
Homme sans tête, L' (2003) - Juan Diego Solanas


Ambre Boukebza The young girl
Alain Hocine Mister Phelps
Lucie Jeanne The head-seller


A short feast i saw this little big surprise at the Athens Film Festival tonight and was stunned. I thought it was very poetic and completely surreal. I believe that its main influence was Jean Pierre Jeunet whose cinematic vision seems to spread on to new evangelists. Formidable, elegant and ...extremely expensive-looking for a short. A treat.