Zvahlav aneb Saticky Slameného Huberta (Jabberwocky) (1971)

Original Title : Zvahlav aneb Saticky Slameného Huberta
Director : Jan Svankmajer
Writer : Lewis Carroll
Jan Svankmajer
Genre : Animation
Country : Czechoslovakia
Language : Music
Producer : Erna Kmínková , Marta Sichová , Jirí Vanek
Music : Zdenek Liska
Photography : Boris Baromykin
IMDB ID : 0067259
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poster for "Zvahlav aneb Saticky Slameného Huberta (Jabberwocky)" by Jan Svankmajer (1971)
Zvahlav aneb Saticky Slameného Huberta (Jabberwocky) (1971) - Jan Svankmajer


Language Practice Spoilers herein. Svankmejer's work ranges from the obvious and tedious to the rich and deep. This is his best in my estimation. His entire career can be seen as experiments leading to his feature-length `Alice,' punctuated by unsophisticated, uninteresting social commentary. `Alice' is fatally flawed, however, because he grossly misunderstands the richness of the story. But this project is not so limited. The little known origin of Carroll's poem is his father's membership in a society to `restore' the English language to its Saxon origins by expelling the French influence. Along the way, Dodgson goofed in all sorts of linguistic jokes based on non-specific sounds. It is the first poem whose images aren't bound to the intent of the poet. Svankmejer surfs this territory by making his own touchstones that have no meaning, but which tap subtle controversies and give us subtle traction on which we can build our own film. It is not as expert as the Quay's `Are We Still Married?' which is the very best of this type. But it is the best of Svankmejer. Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 4: Worth watching.