My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117 (2002)

Original Title : My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117
Director : Christopher Morris
Writer : Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris
Robert Katz
Genre : Comedy
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Steve Beckett , Mark Herbert , Barry Ryan
Music : Richard Hawley
Christopher Morris
Adrian Sutton
Photography : Danny Cohen
IMDB ID : 0340258
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poster for "My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117" by Christopher Morris (2002)
My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117 (2002) - Christopher Morris


¬Paddy Considine Him
¬Miranda Pleasence Imogen/Mum (as Miranda Pleasance
¬Simon Greenall Father in Church
¬Richard Lumsden Father in Park
¬Christopher Ettridge Bus Conductor
¬Hayley Bird Girl in Park
¬Eve Darby MacLennan Girl in Church
¬Geoffrey Beevers Cleric
¬Christopher Morris Rothko (voice
¬Phil Cornwell Gerbil (voice
¬Ged Day Seventies Dad
¬Tom Panton Dog Warden
¬Michelle Hebbron Family in Park
¬Isabel Mitchell Family in Park
¬Samuel Mitchell Family in Park


Adapted from a monologue in his "Blue Jam" radio series, Chris Morris' first short film is a haunting black comedy about a man who no longer uses his name because he's decided he's ceased to deserve one, and a dog called Rothko who says he is the man's lawyer. As reality bleeds into hallucination, Rothko decides to take the man for a walk...


Interesting &, amusing but not that worthy of mention A depressed and paranoid man is looking after his girlfriend's house and dog for a weekend.The dog assures the man that he is the man's lawyer and will be representing him in court next week.They go out for a walk where the dog leads him into a fight with duck's in the park and deceives him at a christening. I'm not a big fan of Chris Morris, but I am always interested enough in his material to give it ago.Sometimes his unique visions of life are funny or just weird enough to be engrossing.Other times they are simply desperate attempts to offend –, like a cry for attention or something.Here the sketch (for that is what it is) is an extended version of one taken from Blue Jam.I questioned the value of this film while I was watching it as I wondered why Morris hadn't just remade this as another sketch rather than going for a whole film. Regardless of this it worked quite well if you like Morris' typically dark view on dark subjects.It isn't very funny, so don't get your hopes up too much in that regard, but it is interestingly compelling.His actual point is lost on me but the telling is interesting.Morris himself provides the voice of the man's lawyer/dog. Overall this is an interesting way to pass 15 minutes although don't assume it is a laugh riot, for it isn't.Instead it is a comic look at schizophrenia and depression which works simply because you have to keep watching to see where it is going.In terms of a second viewing, I doubt I'd bother.