Nocturne (1980)

Original Title : Nocturne
Director : Lars von Trier
Writer : Tom Elling
Lars von Trier
Genre : Short
Country : Denmark
Language : Danish
Photography : Tom Elling
IMDB ID : 0081245
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poster for "Nocturne" by Lars von Trier (1980)
Nocturne (1980) - Lars von Trier


ÂAnne-Lise Gabold The Woman (voice
ÂSolbjørg Højfeldt The Telephone Voice (voice
ÂYvette The Woman


Good Short Film By Lars!! I saw this short film on a DVD containing short films by some of Europe's great directors including the likes Jean Luc Godard, Tom Tykwer, Peter Mullan etc. I have been big fan of Lars for a while now and seen most of his films so I was eager to see this and I wasn't disappointed. Right from the very start you can tell it is a Lars film due to the distinctive style. You can also see how it has influenced his later films e.g. The Element of Crime due to the use of filters. It is good to see how Lars has progressed from this early short and fans should check this short out although it is over too soon. It is a simple but effective short and fans should definitely like it, so check it out!!