Secdleto De La Tlompeta, El (1995)

Original Title : Secdleto de la tlompeta, El
Director : Javier Fesser
Writer : Javier Fesser
Genre : Comedy
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish
Producer : Luis Manso
Photography : Luis Manso
IMDB ID : 0114373
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poster for "Secdleto De La Tlompeta, El" by Javier Fesser (1995)
Secdleto De La Tlompeta, El (1995) - Javier Fesser


Ramón Langa Narrador (voice
Pablo Pinedo Pinedo/Madre de Gutiérrez/Hermano Gemelo de Pinedo (as Pabdlo Pinedo
Pietro Olivera El Padre Lucas (as Pietdo Olivedga
César Vea El Obrero (as Cezad Vea
Guillermo Fesser El Productor de Cortos (voice
José Maria Deleyto El Guardia Forestal del Bosque de Álamos Milenarios de Bustarviejo (as Jose Madia Deleyto
Alberto Fesser El Dueño de la Gasolinera (as Albedto Fessed
Jaime Barella Hombre de Telefónica
Juan Luis Cano Hombre de Telefónica
Angel Rico Guardia Civil
Paco Cubo Guardia Civil
César Macarrón Excursionista Tiroteado (as Cesad Macadon
José Riolobos El niño amigo del Padre Lucas (as Jose Diolobos
José Monleón Amadeo, el Portero del Padre Lucas (as Jose Moleon
Rogelio Fora Piloto de Rally/Hermano Gemelo del Piloto de Rally (as Dogelio Foda
Domitilo González El Amigo del Guardia Forestal (as Domitilo Gonzalez
Tia Maisa Enfermera Trompetista
Javier Jiménez El Periodista (as Javied Jimenedz
Antonio Fernández Santamaría El Hombre disfrazado de Romano en la fiesta de Gutiérrez (as Santamadia
Cipriano González Alberto Jorge, el Padre de Gutiérrez (as Cipdiano Gonzalez
Candida Villar La Vecina con carro de la compra (as Candida Villad
Alberto Anaut as Albedto Anaut


Creativity without limits Javier Fesser has a very particular, cartoonish directing style, and this short movie, which has gathered a bit of a cult status in Spain, is probably the maximum expression of his radical approach. The best way to describe would probably be to say it's like a surrealist painting brought to life. A collage of characters, places, sounds and smells which interwaeave and collide with each other in a seemingly chaotic dance, but are really timed which such a sense of rythm that the piece has the coherence of a symphony, albeit one based on the absurd. Even the most seasoned of cinemagoers can't help but be caught off guard on first viewing this unique film. Other efforts by Fesser, although still retaining his skewered style, cannot match the manic energy of this one. Memorable.